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Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center 15th Anniversary

Photo of the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center.

The 15th birthday is an important rite of passage in many cultures. At the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center, the building turned 15 this autumn, we consider this anniversary our “Coming of Age.”

Photo of Jean and Charles Schulz holding shovels at the groundbreaking of the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center

Jean Schulz, left, and Charles Schulz, second from right, participated in the groundbreaking.

The Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center was planned in the 1990s as a center of learning and knowledge for Sonoma State University. When the Center opened in 2000, it was celebrated for its spacious floor plans and innovative design. In addition to housing the University Library, it also provided support for complementary services such as the Writing Center and Information Technology. Since its opening, more than 7 million visitors have walked through its doors, students have logged more than 100,000 hours of study room usage, and its classrooms, viewing rooms, meeting spaces, and 200-plus computers are in constant and heavy demand throughout the academic year. Even as student learning and scholarly enquiry become increasingly focused on electronic resources, usage of the facility continues to grow, demonstrating the value of a commons dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in all its forms.

The Center now includes the Faculty Center, the Center for Community Engagement, Education and Public Outreach, the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Office of Sponsored Research, the Center for Distributed Learning, and projects hosted by the Chancellor’s Office. As we in the Schulz Information Center look toward the future, we are committed to ensuring the Schulz Information Center keeps pace with new methods of teaching and learning.

 Please join us in the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center throughout the year for parties, scholarly panels, receptions, and more.


Join us as we celebrate:

  • You're an Open Book, Charlie Brown: 15 Years of the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center: This very special exhibit about Charles Schulz’ work and impact on campus is presented with support from the Schulz Museum. See the work of Charles Schulz, and browse books and music that inspired him while he worked on his iconic comic strip, “Peanuts.” The exhibit can be seen August 17 through December 15.
  • 15th Anniversary Displays: The University Library has special displays around the building celebrating our anniversary. On the second floor, find a display of artifacts from the planning and construction of the Schulz Information Center, including blueprints and beautiful photos from the Library's Hawn Photographic Collection. On the third floor, outside the administrative suite, find "The Schulz Connection," a display about the Schulzes' relationship with Sonoma State University, featuring photographs, books, and newspaper clippings.