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Dr. Martin King Luther Jr.

Today, we celebrate a legendary leader and advocate of civil rights. Through his work with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the organization of the Selma to Montgomery marches, and his soul stirring speeches, Dr. King brought many together to call attention to racial inequality, poverty, and war. Research More… Biography - From the Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History in Gale Virtual Reference Library [SSU Only] The Quest for Peace and Justice - Audio and transcript of Nobel lecture on December 11, 1964 Selma to Montgomery March (1965) - Martin Luther King Research and Education Institute at Stanford Digital Archive from the King Center - "Nearly a million documents associated with the life of Martin Luther King Jr." Southern Christian Leadership Conference - From the New Georgia Encyclopedia Books, Videos, & Music The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr. - book available in the Library Stacks A Call to Conscience: the Landmark Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- book available in the Library Stacks Martin Luther King Jr. - streaming video through the VAST database "I Have A Dream" - video recording available in DVD Central Symphony of brotherhood in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. - recorded disc available through Information/Check-Out Desk