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Exploring New Resources: PsycTESTS

The Library has added a number of cool new electronic resources in the past few months. This weekly series will provide some ideas on how you can get the most out of them. Questions? Contact Paula Hammett

What is it?

PsycTests is an extensive collection of psychological measurement tools, including scales, surveys, and other instruments essential to the research needs of professionals, students, and educators across the behavioral and social sciences, from the American Psychological Association. The focus is on non-commercial tests and instruments, many of which are available full text.

When should I use it?

Do you need to identify a way to measure a specific variable for your research proposal? Have you read about a particular survey instrument and want to find out more? Are you searching for information on the reliability of a certain test for identifying ADHD? PsycTests is an incredible repository of all of these, searchable by age group, record type, classification, gender and more.

An example:

Classroom Practice Inventory (CPI)

The Classroom Practice Inventory measures intervention practices used in classrooms to address the developmental needs of children with autism spectrum disorder. 

Access this collection and the rest of our e-resources from the Library's A-Z list of article databases. For more on new e-resources, check out last week's article on History Vault: Civil Rights and the Black Freedom Struggle.