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Exploring New Resources: Springer ebooks

The Library has added a number of cool new electronic resources in the past few months. This weekly series will provide some ideas on how you can get the most out of them. Questions? Contact Paula Hammett

What is it?

Springer is known primarily as a scientific publisher, but its ebook collection covers all disciplines. Over 12,000 Springer ebook titles are available at SSU, many published in 2015. They are searchable, along with journal articles, on the SpringerLink platform.

When should I use it?

If you need a good scholarly overview of a topic, one that will provide some background along with the latest research. If your professor has assigned a Springer ebook as a required text, you can order a print copy via Springer for only $25—way cheaper than if you had to purchase the book outright!


All Springer ebooks can be found through this link.

Access this collection and the rest of our e-resources from the Library's A-Z list of article databases. For more on new e-resources, check out the rest of the series.