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Faculty, send your students to Design Your Library

The University Library is hosting a series of Design Your Library events this fall to help us learn what students need and want from their Library, and we hope you'll encourage your students to attend. We want to give students a voice in shaping the future of the University Library, and these events will also give them first-hand experience being part of a user-focused research project. There are two ways your students can benefit from this experience. First, user-focused design methodologies are increasingly important across all kinds of industries. The methods we're using, including web usability tests, focus groups, and design charrettes, are used in software and product development, marketing, publishing, and many other businesses and non-profit organizations. Your students can see how these research methods work in context and can apply that learning in your classroom. Second, if your course covers topics such as web or space design, then the content we cover in the Design Your Library events will also be a relevant learning experience. If you discuss how people interact in environments (such as in cultural or ethnographic studies), or how business managers address space allotment issues in their facilities, or even interior design, the discussion about a library space is relevant. Similarly if your course covers computer science topics, specifically web design or user interfaces, these discussions will be enlightening for your students. If you're teaching a class that covers these research methods or these topical issues, we'd love to talk with you about how the Design Your Library events can help your students gain a real-life perspective. We'll be hosting six events from September 4 through September 23, so your students will have many opportunities to sign up and join in. Please contact Laura Krier ( or Felicia Palsson ( for more information.