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First Ever SSU Research Symposium

First the first time ever, Sonoma State is bringing together student and faculty researchers from all over campus to showcase their work at the SSU Research Symposium this Wednesday. You'll have the chance to see over 90 poster and slide presentations from undergraduate, graduate, and faculty researchers across disciplines. The Research Symposium combines previously separate events including the Graduate Student Showcase, the Society and Culture Undergraduate Research Forum (SCURF), and the Faculty Research Exposition. You'll also see work by recipients of the Provost's Undergraduate Research Grant and this year's McNair Scholars. One of our own faculty Librarians, Paula Hammett, will be presenting her research looking at student theses and the SSU Preserves, and mapping student research locations throughout Sonoma County. Visit the Student Center Ballroom this Wednesday, April 15, between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to check out SSU research from all over campus. And don't miss a special talk given by Dr. Bonnie Clark from the University of Denver. Her work focuses on using tangible past to tell a more inclusive story of Western North America.