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New Books for February

We've got lots of great new books this month for your perusal. Come browse our New Books and Popular Reading shelves on the second floor of the Library. Some of our new books include Chasing the Wind: Inside the Alternative Energy Battle by Rody Johnson. "Over the past few decades, the vexing problems of climate change and finite resources have ignited contentious global debates about alternative energy technologies. In this lucid, balanced book, Rody Johnson investigates the development and deployment of one such technology--wind power--and, in particular, the ways in which a heated battle over that energy source played out in an Appalachian community."

Degrees of Inequality: How the Politics of Higher Education Sabotaged the American Dream by Suzanne Mettler. "America's higher education system is failing its students. In the space of a generation, we have gone from being the best-educated society in the world to one in which a college degree benefits only those in the top income brackets. In Degrees of Inequality, acclaimed political scientist Suzanne Mettler explains why the system has gone so horribly wrong and why the American Dream is increasingly out of reach for so many."

Yes Please by Amy Poehler. "The actress best known for her work on "Parks and Recreation" and "Saturday Night Live" reveals personal stories and offers her humorous take on such topics as love, friendship, parenthood, and her relationship with Tina Fey."

Check out the full lists of New Books and New Popular Reading. Or check out all of our new materials.