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We don't have it? We can get it!

Don't you hate it when you're searching for something at the Library and we don't have it? Did you know that if we don't have it, we can get it for you? There are several different ways you can get books, DVDs, and articles that we don't already have. If you're searching for a book that we don't have, look for the Link+ link in the catalog or in our All Search tool. Clicking the Link+ link or the Repeat in Link+ button will automatically run your search in our Link+ service. From Link+ you can request a book by logging in with your Seawolf ID and it will be sent to the Sonoma State University Library for you to pick up. Link+ books usually arrive in just a few days. Looking for an article? Our Interlibrary Loan service can usually get you articles that we don't already have in under 24 hours. When you're searching in All Search, you'll see a button that says Find It. Clicking this button will start a search of all of our databases. In many cases, you'll discover that we already have the article in full text! If we don't, you'll see a link that says "We'll get it for you." Clicking this link will bring you to our Interlibrary Loan service. Log in or create a new account, and submit your Interlibrary Loan request. You'll have the article within 24 hours (and sometimes a lot sooner). We're here to get you what you need, whatever it might be.