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Relax in the Rec Center

Did you know the Rec Center is hosting FREE stress relieving activities this week? Taking a break from studying for some rest and relaxing is key to helping you do well with your finals. So put the books down and get to the Rec Center.

On Display in the Library: Coverage across the Curriculum

The library collects books relating to all of the schools and departments at Sonoma State University. Our 2nd floor display case highlights a sample of these, reflecting the diversity of subjects you can study here. If you want to check out a book that's on display, you can look it up in the catalog and put a hold on it, or ask for assistance at the Information/Check-Out Desk.

On Display in the Library: Man versus Nature, the struggle to coexist.

From a documentary that examines the divide between scientists and the general populace on global warming, to speculation on what might become of Earth should  humanity instantly disappear,  take a look at films that explore our relationship to the environment. All available here at the Library!   On display on the 3rd floor, just outside the Administration Office