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Comics, Censorship and Freedom of Expression: Panel Discussion Tuesday!

Comic Books and Graphic Novels have a strange history when it comes to censorship. Frequently dismissed as a lowbrow or juvenile art form, they have also been subjected to the very serious treatment of book burnings and congressional hearings. Even today, with graphic novels regularly winning major book prizes, people fear their impact and seek to regulate their use.

On Display in the Library: Banned and Censored Musical Artists

Did you know that some retailers refused to stock the Mamas and the Papas album “If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears” because the front cover showed a toilet? Albums and artists have frequently been challenged throughout the world for reasons as diverse as politics to fear of rock ‘n roll. Examples can be found in our display on the 3rd floor (north). Want to hear the forbidden music?

On Display in the Library: Banned and Censored Films

Did you know the classic movie King Kong was edited years after its release to comply with strict decency laws? Movies have been frequently challenged throughout history for reasons ranging from "indecency" to political views. Take a look at the display on the 3rd floor (North) for examples of films that have been banned or censored.

On Display in the Library: Employing Graphics to Enhance the Storytelling Experience

Our display this month from the Library’s Special Collections showcases volumes which all employ visual imagery to enhance the the storytelling experience. In some cases, an illustration fleshes out a story, while in others the story simply can’t be told without the visuals.