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Microform Collections

The Microform collection is comprised of microfilm and microfiche. It is located on the 2nd floor South in the University Library. Listed below are most of the major microform collections. These are by no means the only important sets. There are many smaller collections, special single documents, and studies.

American State Papers and U.S. Serial Set, 1789-1837 and U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980

This set is now available online and covers congressional journals, manuals, directories, reports, and congressional investigative reports. It also contains an extended series of surveys, research and statistical reports, and annual reports submitted to Congress by federal agencies. Later materials of a similar nature may be found in ASI and CIS indices.

American Statistics Index (ASI), 1974-1999

Reports and statistical information published by U.S. government agencies. Includes demographic matters, vital and health statistics, labor and social conditions, science, technology, natural resources, foreign affairs, business and economics.

Appropriate Technology Microfiche Reference Library

Reference library guide to practical books on village and small community technology. In this edition, 1,150 publications from international and U.S. sources are reviewed, covering small water supply systems, renewable energy devices, agricultural tools and implements, intensive gardening, workshop tools and equipment, crop preservation, housing, health care, forestry, aquaculture, non-formal education, small business management, transportation, small industries and other topics.

College Catalogs, 1977-1994

The College Catalog set contains catalogs of approximately 4,000 accredited colleges in the U.S. and overseas. Over 75,000 more recent college catalogs can be searched online.

Congressional Information Service (CIS), 1922-2003

Working papers of the U.S. Congress containing House and Senate reports, hearings, executive reports, and special publications. This set has an extremely wide variety of subjects covered in great detail.

Early American Imprints, 1639-1800 (Evans Collection)

This is an online facsimile collection of virtually every existent book, pamphlet, and broadside printed in the U.S. in the years 1639 through 1800. Coverage includes religious materials, the work of early American poets, writers, composers, and playwrights, writings of the American revolutionists, and papers of the Continental Congress. The Short Title Index and American Bibliography is housed in the Microform area and is not available online.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), 1956-2004)

ERIC is a collection of research reports, studies, surveys, and bibliographies in every field of education. This also extends to ancillary fields such as the social sciences, psychology, sociology, and health, as well as management and administration. Indexing and some full text are available online through the ERIC database; where full text is not available online it can be found in the Microform Collection.

Human Relations Area File (HRAF), 1958-1983

Contains ethnographic materials providing historical and descriptive background information on several hundred primarily non-Western cultures. Designed for cross-cultural and comparative research in the social/behavior sciences as well as studies of specific cultures. The Master Index provides a means for rapid data gathering to support and/or test research. There are two indexes, Outline of Cultural Materials and Outline of World Cultures as well as a bibliography of works cited. The Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM) consists of 700 distinct subject categories, each briefly defined and designated by a unique number code. The Outline of World Cultures (OWC) contains an inventory and classification of the cultures of the world, with each distinct culture or group of cultures listed as a separate cultural unit and designated by a name and a unique letter/code called the OWC code.

Library of American Civilization (LAC), 1600s-1914

Materials relating to all aspects of American life and literature from its beginnings to the outbreak of World War I. The set includes pamphlets, periodicals, public and private documents, biographies and autobiographies, fictional works, poetry, foreign materials relating to America, and the collected works of virtually every major American author before World War I, as well as complete runs of important periodicals of the 1800s and many rare books not generally available.

Moody's Manuals, 1909-1995

A long and comprehensive collection of financial data on corporations and governments.


Major titles include The Los Angeles Times (1951-2003), The New York Times (1851-2002), The Sacramento Bee (1857-1991), The Santa Rosa Press Democrat (1897 to present), The San Francisco Chronicle (1865 to present), The London Times (1785-1993), The Christian Science Monitor (1976-2000), The Wall Street Journal (1945-2003), and The Washington Post (1964-2000). In addition to these main titles we have an array of obscure titles, some dating back to colonial times, plus other small papers of local origin, back issues of this college's newspaper, and the Underground Newspaper Collection. We also have access to many newspapers online. Check out our Newspapers Research Guide for more information.

University of Oregon College of Human Development and Performance (UOPE), 1949-2009)

This set contains dissertations, theses, and reports on all aspects of physical education and health therapy, including the sociology, philosophy, and psychology of physical education with extensive coverage of all fields.

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