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Campus Safety Awareness Month

September is Campus Safety Awareness month at Sonoma State University, and we in the Library would like to take this opportunity to review our emergency procedures. The Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center is a large building, and many people use our space every day. It's important to us that everyone who visits our library is safe and secure, even in an emergency. 

When you hear an emergency alarm, evacuate the building immediately. Please do not try to pack up all of your belongings before leaving—your life is far more important than your stuff! Library staff will direct you to the nearest stairwell and doorway, but it's smart to always be aware of where these exits are when you're in the building. 

Once you've exited the building, move to the quad between Darwin and Stevenson, or to the grassy area outside of Charlie Brown's Cafe. Do not gather under the breezeway between Campus IT and the 1st floor of the Library. This is a very unsafe area in case of fires or earthquakes, and the area must be clear for the quick movement of safety personnel. Even when it's raining, it's important to keep the breezeway clear.

In case of an active shooter or other dangerous person in the building, exiting the building may not be the safest strategy. You should always try to exit the building quietly and quickly, but if that is not possible, lock yourself in the room you're in and barricade the doors with furniture or anything you can push against the door. All of the library rooms and offices display placards indicating the room number. If you can call 911, report to them the room number where you're located. Don't stay in open hallways, and be sure to close all blinds or curtains and stay away from windows. Silence your phones, and turn off all lights and audio equipment. 

If you're in the building during an earthquake, the best course of action is to move away from windows and tall bookcases and to protect yourself under a desk. Hold tightly to a desk leg so it can't slide away from you and leave you unprotected. Make sure your back and neck are entirely under the desk. 

Following emergency procedures will ensure both your and your friends' and colleagues' safety. Always be aware of the best way to protect yourself wherever you are, and follow the safety instructions of library and other campus personnel in the event of any emergency. Take time during campus safety awareness month to look for the emergency exits in places where you frequently spend time. 

We hope this year that will never be cause to need these emergency procedures, but if there is, we'll count on your cooperation to help us keep everyone safe.