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New Books for October

We've got lots of great new books this month for your perusal. Come browse our New Books and Popular Reading shelves on the second floor of the Library. Some of our new books include:

Imagined Sovereignties.  The power of the people and other myths of the modern age.


Imagined sovereignties : the power of the people and other myths of the modern age by Kevin Olson. From the publisher: "Movements like the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and the Tea Party embody some of our deepest intuitions about popular politics and 'the power of the people'. They also expose tensions and shortcomings in our understanding of these ideals. We typically see 'the people' as having a special, sovereign power. Despite the centrality of this idea in our thinking, we have little understanding of why it has such importance. Imagined Sovereignties probes the considerable force that 'the people' exercises on our thought and practice."

The tsar of love and techno


The Tsar of love and techno : stories by Anthony Marra. From the publisher: "Beginning in the tunnels beneath Leningrad and ending at the edge of the solar system, The Tsar of love and techno stretches across a century, a continent, and a striking cast of characters tied together by an obscure 19th century Russian painting. Alternately tragic and comic, and richly profound throughout"

Legendary locals of Ukiah


Legendary locals of Ukiah by Darline Bergere. From the publisher: "What makes a city, town, or village come to life are the people--those who have gone before and those who are there today. They are what shape and build the community of Ukiah. With their personalities, foibles, compassion, and humor, some of these influential men and women stand out by design and some quietly exist on the sidelines."

Pio Pico


Pío Pico : the last governor of Mexican California by Carlos Manuel Salomon. From the publisher:"Two-time governor of Alta, California and prominent businessman after the U.S. annexation, Pío de Jesus Pico was a politically savvy Californio who thrived in both the Mexican and the American periods. This is the first biography of Pico, whose life vibrantly illustrates the opportunities and risks faced by Mexican Americans in those transitional years."

all the facts


All the facts : a history of information in the United States since 1870 by James W. Cortada. From the publisher:"All the Facts presents a history of the role of information in the United States since 1870, when the nation began a nearly 150-year period of economic prosperity and technological and scientific transformations."

Powder.  Writing by women in the ranks from Vietnam to Iraq.


Powder : writing by women in the ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq edited by Lisa Bowden & Shannon Cain. From the publisher:"Collection of 19 women soldiers' personal experiences and poetry, covering service from the period of the Korean War through the Iraq War."

Find these new books and many more through the new books list in our catalog.