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Student Newspaper Digital Collection and Display

From the beginnings of Sonoma State College to our current university, student newspapers have been a consistent part of campus life. The ten iterations of student newspapers since 1961 reflect their time and offer glimpses into the origins of issues still with us today. Topics range from anti-war activism to legal battles over censorship. The display features a select chronological arrangement of articles, illustrations, and photographs from each title. Other local newspapers and relevant historical documents provide useful context to the student publications. Items on view represent only a handful of the material housed in University Archives and now digitized in the Student Newspaper Digital Collection.

 And what, you may be wondering, is this Student Newspaper Digital Collection? I’m glad you asked. With tremendous assistance from our students, we have digitized over 200 issues of the campus newspaper and have uploaded 180+ to North Bay Digital Collections. This collection provides access to digitized student newspapers from Sonoma State University’s history, dating to 1961. Included are The Sonoma State Star and its predecessors, The Sonoman, Cossack Steppes, Outlaw Steppes, Sonoma State Steppes, Voice of the Redwoods, Patchwork, Cotati Call, Sonoma State Morning Glory and Sonoma State Carousel. The collection provides insight into SSU events, issues and life throughout history as well as student viewpoints regarding campus, local, national, and global news.

Take a look at the new display gracing the 2nd floor south display case. It showcases both physical and digital aspects of the Student Newspaper Collection, and was created by our intrepid student assistants, Natalie Sampo, Nick Heitkamp and Sophie Rainer. 

Current issues of the Star are available on the Sonoma State Star website. Earlier issues are available via University Wire, which SSU students can access through the Library's subscription to ProQuest Newsstand.