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Ruben Salazar Documentary

Did you know that the Sonoma State University Library used to be in Salazar? Did you know Salazar refers to a man named Ruben Salazar? You can learn a lot about him in the University Library.
"In 1979 the new library at Sonoma State University was named after Mexican-American journalist Rubén Salazar. Clippings of articles written by him during the 1950s and ‘60s for the local newspaper, The Press Democrat, were compiled and became the root of this collection."

--Online Archive of California description of the Ruben Salazar collection

In 1970, Ruben Salazar was killed by a tear gas projectile fired by police during the National Chicano Moratorium. For more information about Salazar, including a motion picture called Requiem-- 29, browse our collection, an entry in the The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States, and our Special collection. Our Special Collections materials were used in the creation of the new documentary, Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle. It premiered on PBS on April 29 and can now be streamed online.