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Thank You to All Who Attended Our Edit-a-thon!

The Library had a wonderful turnout at our Wikipedia Edit-a-thon this past Wednesday, with students, faculty and staff from across the campus attending. Visitors made Wikipedia accounts, got an introduction in how to write and edit Wikipedia articles, and expanded articles on several Sonoma County utopian communities. About 25 students, faculty, staff and community members attended the Edit-a-thon, and many said they were surprised by how easy editing Wikipedia is, and that they plan to continue editing in the future. Librarian Hilary Smith, who organized the event, said holding an educational event outside of the classroom was a thrill:

"One of the highlights for me was watching students and faculty collaborate on scholarly research and the creation of information outside of the classroom setting."

Librarian Alyson Barrett-Ryan, who helped organize the event, added that the Edit-a-thon prompted critical examination of information sources and authority. Plus, the speed of Wikipedia provided an immediate product of the attendees' work:

"It was awesome to work with students and faculty, seeing our edits appear instantaneously, collaborating to create credible information!"

To see some of the pages we edited, just look at the entries on Icarians, Fountain Grove, Morningstar Commune or Altruria. Got a topic to suggest for our next Edit-a-thon? Email Hilary Smith at And stay tuned for future Edit-a-thons!