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Sonoma County Museum Highlights Strange History of Fountaingrove

new exhibit at the Sonoma County Museum, Journey to Fountaingrove: From Feudal Japan to California Utopia, sheds light on Fountaingrove, the utopian colony founded by self-proclaimed 19th-century visionary Thomas Lake Harris, in northern Santa Rosa. Architectural plans from the archives at SSU Library’s Special Collections give glimpses of the colony’s intriguing history, including its Celestial Sphere. Photographs and documents depict the work of Kanaye Nagasawa, California’s first Japanese winemaker and a Fountaingrove colony member.

Discover more on utopian communities and read some of the fascinating articles written by Sonoma County historian Gaye LeBaron at SSU Library’s North Bay Digital Collections. With titles like "Fountaingrove's Strange History Reads Like Fiction" and "Serpent in Eden: The Final Utopia of Thomas Lake Harris and What Happened There", you’ll want to find out more.