Printing from a Mac Laptop

  • Wireless printing is only available to patrons with a current Seawolf ID AND who are logged into the wireless prior to printing.
  • The Pharos Pop-Up will not show up. Print jobs will automatically be titled with the name of the document being printed and the login name of the patron's laptop.
  • ALL Print Jobs will be available for Printing on the second Floor of the Library ONLY.
  • Visit the Tech Help Desk, located on the first floor of the library, if you require additional assistance.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open System Preferences located under the Blue Apple
    The Apple icon on the mac menu is selected and the menu displayed. System Preferences is highlighted.
  2. Select Print and Fax
    System preferences window with Print & Fax circled.
  3. Add a printer (+)
    Print & Fax window with + selected to add a printer.
  4. Choose the IP option at the top of the Panel
    From the top row, the IP is selected.
  5. Choose the IP option at the top of the next Panel
    IP window with fields filled out.
  6. Fill in the fields with the following info:

    • Protocol:Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    • Queue: Laptopq
    • Name:SSU Library Printer
    • Location:University Library
    • Print Using:Generic Postscript Printe 
  7. Optional: The next panel will give the option to enable double side printing.  Check Duplex Printing Unit.
    Check Duplex Printing Unit to use double sided printing.
  8. ​Select Add