Services for K-12

Area K-12 students and teachers are welcome to make use of University Library collections for their scholarly and research needs, as well as tour the library as part of an introduction to college life. The Library's general collection includes books, newspapers, multimedia materials and online sources and the juvenile book collection includes fiction, non-fiction and picture books. The library has an excellent collection of primary and secondary source materials that are not available to K-12 students in other venues.


Groups wishing to have a tour of the library must contact Hilary Smith at 707-664-3464 or and schedule a tour in advance. Tours must be scheduled at least one week in advance. Library tours take approximately 30 minutes, and work best for groups of 25 or less. Many groups enjoy combining a library tour with a tour of the SSU campus, and folks wanting the latter should contact SSU Group Tours at 707-664-3020

Accessing Information

Check OneSearch to discover what materials are in the University Library. You can search the entire catalog, or limit your search to the Juvenile collection. From within the library, K-12 students and teachers have access to over 100 different online databases, including current magazines, historic newspapers, primary sources and reference works. Off-campus access to these resources is not available.

Reference and Research Assistance

K-12 classes with group research projects are welcome to use library resources, and their teachers are required to call in advance for information on accessing the collections and obtaining research instruction or assistance. Contact Hilary Smith at 707-664-3464 or to schedule any sessions. K-12 students in the library individually are welcome to ask for help at the Information/Checkout Desk on the second floor. Research Help staff will assist students in finding resources and make suggestions for further research, but will not complete assignments for the students.

Borrowing books and other materials

The library allows members of the community to check out books if they first sign up for a community borrower card. The Library does not circulate its magazine collections and certain other types of materials. Patrons are encouraged to make copies or printouts of the information they find in books, magazines or online collections, subject to all copyright regulations. Community borrowers do not have access to interlibrary loan services.