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Acknowledgements for the Gaye LeBaron Collection


Gaye LeBaron's generous donation of her research papers, valuable time and historical expertise made this project possible.


Substantial funds for the Gaye LeBaron Collection project were provided by The Press Democrat, with first and second year funding supplemented by The New York Times Foundation. The funds, distributed over five years beginning with 2001, enabled the University Library to preserve the physical collection and establish a model for digital collection management. The Press Democrat continues to support the project by granting selected copyright permissions and offering the use of its in-house library resources.

The Sonoma State University Alumni Association donated funds for proposal writing and pre-gift planning.

The Exchange Bank of Santa Rosa, our most recent sponsor, contributed funds for enhanced digital access.


In addition to Gaye LeBaron, many dedicated volunteers enable the Gaye LeBaron Collection project to run smoothly. Past and present project volunteers are:

  • Judy Hudson
  • Beryl Glitz
  • Prue Draper
  • Margaret Ono
  • Bonnie Sullivan
  • Jan Cheek

Other Contributors

Lori Bowen Ayer, of the Galecia Group, for her time and technical expertise.

Vonnie Matthews, The Press Democrat Librarian, for her ongoing research assistance.

Dee Blackman, for her research materials.