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Topics in the Gaye LeBaron Collection

The research material in the Gaye LeBaron Collection is preserved in over 700 file folders organized by the subject headings assigned by Gaye LeBaron over the course of her career. The A to Z list below is a quick finding aid to the collection.

When arranging an appointment to visit the Gaye LeBaron Collection, indicate your area of interest from this list. Topic selection is required before your visit.

For additional details about each folder, search the Library Catalog. An example of a keyword search for information in Gaye LeBaron's files on the town of Jenner, type in the words: LeBaron Jenner.

Name See Also Use
Baker, Milo
Baker, Tim
Banana slugs
Bancroft Library photo index
Bandits Black Bart & bandits
Banks and S&Ls Exchange Bank
Barham, John
Bari, Judy
Barnard, Clarence H. "Barney" Lynching - 1920
Barnes & Noble
Bars Restaurants
Bartholomew, Frank
Bauman's Saddles
Bear Flag
Bed and breakfasts Resorts, hotels, and inns
Benbow Family
Bennett Valley
Betty & Benny (skydancers)
Big bands Russian River
Biographies Memoirs
Birds Environmental activity
Birds, The Movies - The Birds
Black Bart & bandits
Blucher family
Blue Mountain Center of Meditation
Bodega Bay
Bodega Marine Laboratory
Boggs, Lilburn
Bohemian Club
Booneville Mendocino County
Bosco, Doug
Bourbeau, Song Wong
Bouverie Audobon Preserve
Bowles family
Boyes Hot Springs
Boysen, C. C.
Brandt, Milton
Brent Towers Memorial Park Youth Community Park
Buildings Historic preservation, Sonoma County - Historic homes, Burke's Sanitarium, Carrillo Adobe, Empire Building, Enmanji Temple, Highland House, Hoag House, Llano House, McDonald house, Native Sons Building, Odiyan (Buddhist temple), Parsons House, Rosenberg Building, Santa Rosa Post Office, Stone farmhouse, Stone House, Valley House, Washoe House, Cannery, Athenaeum
Burbank - Cedar of Lebanon
Burbank - History
Burbank - Letters
Burbank - Newspaper articles
Burbank Center for the Arts Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
Burbank, Luther Burbank - Cedar of Lebanon, Burbank - History, Burbank - Letters, Burbank - Newspaper articles, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
Burke's Sanitarium
Bushnell, Amasa
Businesses - Local
Byce, Lyman
Byrne, Judge Raymond
Name See Also Use
Caen, Herb
Caledonian Club
California - Divided
California - History
California - Sesquicentennial
California - Statehood Admission Day
California Missions
California State Archives
Californians Organized to Acquire Access to State Tidelands COAAST
Call, George Washington & family
Camp Meeker
Camp Windsor
Campaigns Politics and politicians
Campions (boys' drill team)
Canine Companions for Independence
Carano, Rhonda and Don
Carrillo Adobe
Carrillo family
Carrillo, Jose Ramon
Carrillo, Julio
Cartoonists Schulz, Charles (Sparky), Messick, Dale, Wiley (David Wiley Miller)
Cassidy, Dan
Castner, Bud
Cattron, William
Census data
Chamber of Commerce
Chamberlain, Al
Chop's-DeMeo Teen Club DeMeo, Charles
Christensen, Walt
Christmas - Columns
Churches Russian Orthodox Church, Asti
Citizen band radio
Civil War Hooker, Joe
Civilian Conservation Corps
Clar, C. Raymond
Clo the Cow Clover Stornetta Farms
Clover Stornetta Farms
Clubs Organizations, Women's clubs
Coast Miwok Indians - Coast Miwok
Codding, Hugh
Codding, Nell
Cohen, Mark
Colleges Schools - Santa Rosa Junior College, Schools - Santa Rosa Junior College - History, Sonoma State University, Sonoma State University - Letters, Sonoma State University - Publications
Colton trial
Comic strips Messick, Dale, Schulz, Charles (Sparky), Wiley (David Wiley Miller)
Community Hospital Hospitals - Sutter, Community, County & Poor Farm
Congress - U.S.
Convention 1984
Cooley Ranch
Cotati Raceway
County seat
Courthouse Square
Cox, Tom
Crane family
Creeks Santa Rosa Creek
Crevelli, John
Crime and violence Black Bart & bandits, Murder - General, Prostitutes
Criminal justice
Crocker, Betty
Cruising by automobile
Name See Also Use
Dalai Lama
Day, Richard
Death Rock
Decades – the 1960s
Decades – the 1970s
Decades – the 1980s
Decades – the 1990s
Decker, Jim
DeJohn, Nick
DeMeo, Charles
Democratic National Convention - 1984 Convention 1984
Demographics Census data
Department stores Rosenberg's Department Store
Depression Great Depression, The
Diamandopoulis, Peter Sonoma State University
Dillon Beach
Diners Drive-in restaurants, Restaurants, Soda fountains
Diseases Flu, Polio
District Attorneys
Dixon, Harry
Dodge, Jim
Dog hole ports (seafaring)
Dogs McNab dogs
Donahue's Landing
Donner Party
Doyle, Frank Schools - Santa Rosa Junior College - History
Drake, Sir Francis
Drive-in restaurants Diners, Restaurants, Soda fountains
Drug Abuse Substance abuse
Dry Creek Valley
Duncans Mills Timber industry
Dutton, Warren
Name See Also Use
Earth Day
Earth First!
Earthquake reconstruction
El Verano
Elections Politics and politicians
Elks Lodge
Elliott, William Bell
Emblen, Don
Empire Breakfast Club
Empire Building
Enmanji Temple Japanese, Fujita family
Environmental activity Earth Day, Earth First!, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Wildlife
Ethnic groups African Americans, Blacks, Czechs, Filipinos, French, Gypsies, Indians - Coast Miwok, Indians - Ishi, Indians - Pomo, Italians, Japanese, Jewish, Latinos, Portuguese, Russians
Exchange Bank
Name See Also Use
Japanese Fountaingrove - Friends of Kagoshimo, Nagasawa, Kanaye, War - WWII, Enmanji Temple, Fujita family
Jesse, Dr. James
Jewell, James
Johnson, Jenna
Joiner, Ernie
Jordan, Tom and Sally
Journalists Pardee, Mike, Wells, Bob
Journey's End mobile home park
Judges Byrne, Judge Raymond
Juell, Dagny
Juilliard Park
Name See Also Use
MacMurray Ranch
Magazines Sunset Magazine, Zines
Mannion, Ed
Marconi Conference Center
Marcucci, Paul
Mare Island
Marin County
Mark West West, Mark
Markham, Edwin
Mathematics Algebra and mathematics
Maugg, Dick
Maurice, Ann
May Day Holidays
McCabe, George & Kay
McCarroll, Tolbert Starcross Monastery
McCormick Ranch
McDonald family
McDonald house
McNab dogs
McNear family
Meacham, Alonzo
Medica, John
Medical - General
Medical evacuation Helicopters (medical)
Meiggs, Henry Crime and violence
Meline, Gabe
Melitta Station
Memorial Day Holidays
Mendocino County
Mendocino County Historical Society Historical Society - Mendocino County
Menefee, Nathaniel
Messick, Dale
Metzger, Augusta Historic buildings
Michigan Upper Peninsula Youpers
Mieth, Hansel
Miller, Clem
Miller, David Wiley Wiley (David Wiley Miller)
Mines (quicksilver) Towns - Lost
Mines (rock, coal, and gravel)
Minnesota Youpers
Miwok Indians - Coast Miwok
Modini, James
Modoc Wars
Mommies, The
Monte Rio
Montgomery Village
Montgomery, William
Moore, Mary
Moose Lodge
Morales, Rafael
Morning Star Ranch Utopian communities
Morton's Warm Springs
Motels Auto courts
Mount St. Helena
Movie theaters Theaters - Movie
Movies - General
Movies - Scream
Movies - Shadow of a Doubt Hitchcock, Alfred
Movies - The Birds Hitchcock, Alfred
Murder - General Crime and violence, Armstrong, Joie, Kendall family murders, Salcido, Ramon, Wickersham tragedy
Murieta, Joaquin
Murphy's Law
Museum - Grace Hudson
Museum - Healdsburg
Museum - Other
Museum - Petaluma
Museum - Sonoma County Museum Foundation - Sonoma County
Museum Foundation
Museum Foundation - Sonoma County Museum - Sonoma County
Music Big bands, Wolf, Kate
Name See Also Use
Nagasawa, Kanaye
Nagasawa, Kanaye - Diaries
Napa/Sonoma - Mistakes and controversy
Native Americans Indians - Coast Miwok, Indians - General, Indians - Involuntary servitude, Indians - Pomo, Indians - Ishi
Native Sons Building
Nevers, Ernie
New Year's Day
Newman, Lebo
Newspapers and publications Zines, Sunset Magazine, Press Democrat, Sonoma Index-Tribune - Centennial edition, Sonoma State University - Publications
Nichol, Eve
Nichols, Ambrose
Nightclubs Restaurants
North Coast Railroad Authority Railroads - NWP & NCRA
Northwestern Pacific Railroad Railroads - NWP & NCRA
Nut Tree
Name See Also Use
O'Farrell, Jasper
O'Meara, Francis
OCLI (Optical Coating Lab Inc.)
Odiyan (Buddhist temple)
Oehlmann, R. E.
Oil and gas drilling
Oil spills
Okies Great Depression, The
Old and older
Old and older – Columns
Old Ironsides Frolic (clipper ship), Ships and shipwrecks
Olive oil and trees
Olympics Sports
Open space
Optical Coating Lab Inc. OCLI (Optical Coating Lab Inc.)
Orchard Inn
Organizations Women's clubs, Bohemian Club, Caledonian Club, Canine Companions for Independence, Coastwalk, Civilian Conservation Corps, COAAST, Earth First!, Elks Lodge, Empire Breakfast Club, Fountaingrove - Friends of Kagoshimo, Kiwanis Club, Knights of Columbus, Ku Klux Klan, Moose Lodge, Museum Foundation - Sonoma County, PTA, Redwood Empire Association, Redwood Empire Aviation Historical Society, Rotary Club, Saturday Afternoon Club, Save-the-Redwoods League, Welfare League, Women's history - League of Women Voters
Organized Crime Mafia
Overly, Dorothy
Name See Also Use
Name See Also Use
Salazar, Ruben
Salcido, Ramon
Salvation Army
San Quentin
Santa Ana y Farias
Santa Rosa - City Government
Santa Rosa - Downtown
Santa Rosa - General
Santa Rosa - Logo
Santa Rosa - Old town
Santa Rosa annexations Annexation - Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Business College Schools - Santa Rosa Business College
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce
Santa Rosa Community Hospital Hospitals - Sutter, Community, County & Poor Farm
Santa Rosa Creek
Santa Rosa Creek restoration
Santa Rosa Junior College Schools - Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa Post Office Museum - Sonoma County
Santa Rosa Symphony Symphony - Santa Rosa
Sarris, Greg
Saturday Afternoon Club
Save-the-Redwoods League
Scammon's Lagoon Whales
Schools - 19th century
Schools - Administration and finance
Schools - Bellevue Union District
Schools - Boundaries
Schools - Daniels School
Schools - Districts and names
Schools - Elsie Allen High
Schools - ESL program
Schools - General
Schools - Harmony (Freestone)
Schools - Lists
Schools - Old
Schools - Petaluma Academy
Schools - Programs and statistics
Schools - Rincon Valley Junion High
Schools - Santa Rosa - History
Schools - Santa Rosa Business College
Schools - Santa Rosa Elementary
Schools - Santa Rosa High School
Schools - Santa Rosa Junior College
Schools - Santa Rosa Junior College - Agrella
Schools - Santa Rosa Junior College - History Decades – the 1970s, Doyle, Frank
Schools - Sonoma County Office of Education
Schools - Sonoma High School
Schools - Sonoma State University Sonoma State University
Schools - St. Rose
Schools - Sweet's Business College
Schools - Teachers' strike
Schools - Ursuline High
Schools – Santa Rosa High history project
Schulz, Charles (Sparky)
Schulz, Charles (Sparky) - Article for Japanese newspaper
Scream Movies - Scream
Scudder, Hubert
Scudder, Laura
Sea Ranch
Sea Serpent
Sebastiani Winery
Service stations
Settlements - Early Santa Ana y Farias
Sewage Utilities
Shadow of a Doubt Movies - Shadow of a Doubt
Shah, Sid
Shapiro, Everett
Shea, Con
Sheerin, Steve and Kristine
Shelter Cove
Shepherd, Eugene
Sheriffs Ihde, Mark, Patteson, Harry (sheriff)
Ships and shipwrecks Frolic (clipper ship), Old Ironsides
Shirrell Consulting
Silvershield, Vern
Skaggs Island
Skaggs Springs
Skydancers Betty & Benny (skydancers)
Slater, Herbert
Slugs Banana slugs
Smith, Tim
Smith, William (Billy)
Soberanes, Bill
Society and social history
Soda fountains Diners, Drive-in restaurants, Restaurants
Sonoma (city)
Sonoma County
Sonoma County
Sonoma County - Government
Sonoma County - Historic homes Buildings
Sonoma County - Libraries
Sonoma County - Lifestyle
Sonoma County - Newcomers
Sonoma County - Tourism Resorts, hotels, and inns
Sonoma County - Trailblazers
Sonoma County - Travel writers
Sonoma County Chorus
Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women Women - Status of Women Commission
Sonoma County Fair
Sonoma County Historical Society Historical Society - Sonoma County
Sonoma County Library Grant
Sonoma County mountains
Sonoma County Museum Museum - Sonoma County
Sonoma County Office of Education Schools - Sonoma County Office of Education
Sonoma Developmental Center
Sonoma Index-Tribune - Centennial edition
Sonoma State Hospital Sonoma Developmental Center
Sonoma State University Diamandopoulis, Peter
Sonoma State University - Letters
Sonoma State University - Publications
Sonoma Valley - History Boyes Hot Springs
Sonoma Valley Prismoidal Railroad Railroads - General
South Park
Southern Pacific Railroad Railroads - Southern Pacific, Railroads - NWP & NCRA
Space shuttle
Spanish flu Flu
Spas Resorts, hotels, and inns
Sports Bocce, Olympics
Spreckels Ranch
Spring Lake Bridge
SRT Summer Repertory Theater
St. Dorothy's Rest
Standley, William Harrison
Starcross Monastery Utopian communities
Statehood Admission Day
Stevenson's Regiment
Stewart's Point
Stone farmhouse
Stone House
Stonemasons Italians
Striepeke family
Sturgeon's Mill Lumber Co.
Substance abuse
Sullivan, Harvey
Summer camps
Summer Repertory Theater
Sunset Magazine
Symphony - Santa Rosa United Nations
Name See Also Use
United Nations
United States Air Force Academy
United States Congress Congress - U.S.
Universities Sonoma State University
Utopian communities Morning Star Ranch, Fountaingrove - General, Sonoma County Library Grant, Starcross Monastery
Name See Also Use
Walker family
Walker, Mark
War - Gulf
War - Korean
War - Spanish-American
War - WWI
War - WWI - Letters
War - WWI - Tuscania disaster
War - WWII
War - WWII - 107th Cavalry
War - WWII - 17th infantry
War - WWII - 74th Field Artillery
War - WWII - Army Air Field
War - WWII - Attu
War - WWII - Balloons
War - WWII - Blackouts and dim-out
War - WWII - Coast Guard
War - WWII - Coast Watch
War - WWII - D-Day
War - WWII - General information
War - WWII - Hospitality
War - WWII - Japanese submarines
War - WWII - Jenner radar station
War - WWII - Letters
War - WWII - Mare Island
War - WWII - National Guard
War - WWII - Naval Air Stations
War - WWII - News articles
War - WWII - Notes
War - WWII - Pearl Harbor
War - WWII - Pilots and fighter planes
War - WWII - Stories
War - WWII - VE Day
War - WWII - VJ Day
War - WWII - War Bond drives
War - WWII - War town
Warm Springs Dam
Washoe House
Weather Floods
Welfare League
Wells and well drilling
Wells, Bob
Wendel, Rose
West county
West, Mark Mark West
Wheeler, Bill
White, Ellen
Whiting, Bob
Wickersham tragedy
Wild Oak
Wildlife Animals, Environmental activity
Wiley (David Wiley Miller)
Wilson, Clint
Wilson, Pete (Governor)
Wine Haraszthy, Agoston, Sonoma County - Tourism, Women - Winemakers, Fountaingrove Vineyard Co., Korbel Champagne Cellars, Sebastiani Winery, Foppiano Wine Company
Wiseman, Fred
Wolf, Kate
Wolfe, Caroline
Women - Status of Women Commission
Women - Winemakers
Women's clubs
Women's history
Women's history - League of Women Voters
Women's history - news and columns
Women's History Month
Wood, Babe
Woolen Mills
Woolsey, Lynn
Words – Politically incorrect
World's Fair - 1939
Wright, Lathrop
Write, W. S. M.
Name See Also Use
Zimberoff, Bunni