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Jayelene Lyons - Student Assistant

Jayelene’s goal at Sonoma State University was to complete her B.A. and then transfer to graduate school, but attending SSU has been more than just a stepping stone to getting her Master’s Degree in Library & Information Studies. She has earned the trust of fellow history students, created lasting bonds with the SSU Library staff, and learned how to reach her goals with pride. She has worked on several projects throughout her career as a Student Assistant in the Library. From cataloging the David Kinkead materials within the Dust Bowl Migration Archive to scanning the campus newspapers, she feels the experience she has received will help her in her future career as a Special Collections Librarian.

“SSU’s Special Collections are extraordinary and this has everything to do with the librarians and staff. They dedicate their skills and working hours to any student who wishes to learn more about a topic. My favorite aspects of working in the library are not only the experiences of working with collection materials but also the feelings of community, commitment, and completeness garnered through my everyday dealings with the staff. I will truly miss the people who make SSU Library awesome.”