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Sara Dinari - Student Assistant

Since May 2013, Sara has worked in the Regional & Special Collections department to digitize and archive historic documents. She helped to digitize a history of Glen Ellen, and to transcribe local historian Gaye LeBaron's interviews of Sonoma County families such as the Foppianos. The project she has enjoyed the most to date has been digitizing the World War I Tanner letters.

An undergrad in the Political Science department, Sara hopes to one day work at the United Nations as a diplomat. After graduating in Spring 2014 with a B.A. in political science, she plans to continue her education abroad.

"From a young age I have been taught that one cannot know their future without first learning about the past, and working with the Library’s Regional & Special Collections department is certainly a learning experience. Within the materials I peruse each day are historic documents, letters, and sometimes even photographs that seem more like gems waiting to be discovered. Once back here in the archives, you lose yourself in the stories that these collections are waiting to tell. You grasp just how enchanting they really are only after you have lost yourself in them and find yourself again hours later." -Sara Dinari