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Angie Evins - Student Assistant

First as a volunteer and now as a Library Student Assistant, Angie has researched, digitized, and organized historic material about Santa Rosa’s Fountaingrove utopian community, assisted with the California Folklore Miscellany  digital project, helped organize the Student Dissent Papers (1957-1971), uploaded SSU masters theses to SSU ScholarWorks for permanent storage and access, and scanned images in support of a campus-funded mini-grant project. Angie, a grad student in the English Department, loves local history and the history of science and plans to teach at the community college level after she receives her master’s degree in 2013.

"I wandered into Special Collections during the fall of 2011 and haven't left since. I'm a bit of a magpie for interesting information, and there's a host of factoids squirreled away right here in SSU's library. If you're looking for some really awesome historical documents to play with (and by play I mean examine carefully after you've washed your hands...) then set up a meeting and come check us out. Hope to see you soon!" - Angie Evins