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Gracie Lock - Student Assistant

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Here at Sonoma State University Library, Gracie’s favorite project to work on so far has been documenting the Tanner letters as part of a digital historical archive (see North Bay Digital Collections). These letters tell the story of a young soldier from Santa Rosa, his sister—a nurse—and their experiences in Europe during World War One.

Other projects Gracie has embarked on include our campus SSU ScholarWorks repository and the digital exhibit highlighting the history of SSU, Sonoma State: The History of a University.

Gracie, an undergrad in the Geography Department, enjoys learning about the natural world and loves perusing both historic and contemporary maps. After graduating in Spring 2014 with a BA in Geography, she is hoping to secure a job in the natural resources field.

"What can I say, old documents have always intrigued me. One can learn a great many things by examining the past. There are some fascinating nuggets of local history contained in the North Bay Digital Collections. And working with the Gaye LeBaron Collection has provided insight into Sonoma County’s rich and colorful history." - Gracie Lock


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North Bay Digital Collections

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Sonoma State: The History of a University.