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Natalie Sampo - Student Assistant

Natalie has worked in the Library’s Special Collections department since January 2014. She is a History major and Senator of Social Sciences for the Associated Students Senate. In her spare time between school, her work as a senator, and her duties in the Special Collections department, Natalie plans to write a paper on California Freemasonry. So far, her work for Special Collections has included transcribing an interview by Gaye LeBaron of prominent Healdsburg native Milt Brandt; working to make available a digital collection of California folklore; and helping to maintain the Gaye LeBaron collection inventory. After college she plans to one day work in a museum and become a curator.

It's the little things that make life most interesting. You get lost in them; it's quite easy to do that when you work with small pieces of history. Every page of a book, every letter written, and each brochure in the collection is another little piece of history to get lost in…I get lost in them all the time!” ~ Natalie Sampo