Catherine Fonseca

Outreach & Inclusion Librarian

Catherine Fonseca
Schulz 2029

Catherine Fonseca is the Outreach and Inclusion Librarian at Sonoma State’s University Library. In this role, she develops and implements library programs, events, and practices designed to meet campus and community needs. Additionally, Catherine coordinates targeted efforts to reach underserved and vulnerable student populations for the purpose of improving student success through an increased use of library resources and services. Catherine is also the point of contact for any students or faculty conducting research in the fields of anthropology, counseling, global studies, political science, or psychology. As the liaison librarian to these disciplines, Catherine provides library instruction, research consultation, collection development, and other library services for students and faculty in her subject areas.

Catherine holds a Master's in Library Science as well as a Master's in Latin American Studies from Indiana University. She is passionate about projects that combine these two fields; particularly work that relates to the decolonization of modern libraries and the information needs of Hispanic and Latin@/o/a/x populations. Other interests include public relations and marketing, library programming, critical pedagogy, and first-year student learning.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Fonseca, C. (2019, November). The Insta-Story: A New Frontier for Marking & Engagement at the Sonoma State University Library. Paper presentation at the Library Marketing and Communications Conference (LMCC), St. Louis, MO.

Fonseca, C. & Sholinbeck, M. (2019, October): Teach Against the Catalog: Adapting Critical Cataloging Concepts to Classroom Contexts. Program presentation at the Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley (LAUC-B) Conference, Berkley, CA.

Fonseca, C. (2019). The Insta-Story: A New Frontier for Marking & Engagement at the Sonoma State University Library. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 58(4), 220-227.

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Fonseca, C. (2019, February). Examining Privilege in Classifications: Connecting Critical Information Literacy to Conversations on ‘Latinx’ [Webinar]. In ALA ODLOS Webinar Series. Retrieved from

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Fonseca, C. (2017, March). Latin American Gender Theorizing: Lessons from U.S. Porn Studies. Program presentation at the 6th Annual Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) Graduate Student Conference, Bloomington, IN.

Fonseca, C. (2015, November). Area Studies Librarianship: A Fertile Ground for Critical Theory. Program presentation at the LIS Graduate Student Conference, Champaigne, IL.