Library Laptop Delivery Program FAQ

When should I return the library laptop? 
To help you complete online coursework from home, the SSU Library will loan out laptops on a semester basis while supplies last. All Fall 2021 laptop loans are due no later than December 17, 2021.

If I need a laptop for next semester, can I keep my library laptop?
No. Library laptops are loaned on a semester-only basis and we require that all laptops be returned by by their due date, without exception. Laptops must be returned to undergo necessary maintenance and repair for redistribution to remote learners for the following semester. 

How does the county’s Stay Home order impact my loan request?
While contactless pickup is available for students wishing to retrieve their laptop from campus, we understand not everyone feels comfortable visiting campus at this time. Mail delivery directly to your home address is available, free of charge. Should you wish to change the method for receiving your laptop indicated in your original request, please contact us at

How should I return the library laptop?
When you initially requested a laptop, you should have indicated a preference for returning your laptop by mail or in-person.

  • Drop-off returns:
    The SSU Library will accept in-person laptop returns during operating hours at the Information/Checkout desk on the 2nd floor. Do not return laptops in the book drop.
  • Mail-in laptop returns:

    The library will provide you with prepaid postage and packing materials to safely return your library-issued laptop by mail. Please contact us at  for instructions on returning laptops and a prepaid postage label. Please keep any original delivery packaging for these returns.

Can I save my work on the library laptop?
Yes, we have re-imaged our laptops to better suit student needs while using a laptop for an entire semester. Library laptops used to automatically delete all files when the computer was powered off. While we still recommend that you backup your work in Google drive or your preferred cloud storage out of precaution, you will now be able to save files to the machine to return to later. Saved files, search history, and other activity will only be deleted once laptops are returned to the Library.

What software is installed on the library laptop?
Pre-installed applications on library laptops include Adobe Acrobat DC, Audacity, BBEdit, Camtasia 2019, FireFox, Google Chrome, Google Earth Pro, Microsoft Office 2016 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Read&Write, StuffIt, and VLC Player. 

SSU’s IT Department has additional, commonly-used software available for download on library-issued laptops. Software availability and pricing will vary depending on whether you are a student, staff, or faculty. Applications available for download through IT’s Self-Service portal include: Adobe Creative Manager, GarageBand, Google Drive File Stream, iMovie, Keep You Awake, Mathematica, Slack, Snagit, StuffIt, Tableau Reader, and Zotero. Visit the IT Department’s Software Downloads for Home Use for more information and download instructions. Outside of the applications named above, you will not be able to install other types of software.

What if I don’t have reliable Internet access?
Corporate and government-supported internet assistance programs are currently available to help low-income households access high speed internet at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for a complete list of providers as well as information on qualifying for low-income internet plans.

The California Emerging Technology Fund can also provide personalized assistance in determining if your household qualifies for an affordable home internet offer. Call them at the toll-free number 1-844-841-INFO (4636), or visit

What happens if I damage, lose, or never return the library laptop?
For damage beyond reasonable wear and unreturned laptops, we will charge you a replacement fee up to $1,300. Failure to pay a replacement fee or return the laptop may result in a registration or graduation hold being placed on your account. Some repairs are able to be fixed by Library IT at no charge, so please return the laptop even if damaged.

What is damage beyond reasonable wear?
Damage beyond reasonable repair consists of a laptop that cannot be repaired on campus and will need to be sent to an Apple repair facility. Each laptop will be thoroughly evaluated upon return, with some evaluations not starting until a month after the device has been received by mail or dropped off in person. The types of damage that are beyond reasonable repair may include: bent display case, cracked display LCD, damaged display hinge, bent top case (keyboard area), three or more rubber feet missing on the bottom panel, or liquid damage found within the computer. You will be held responsible for any costs needed for repairs and you will not be able to checkout any items from the library until payment has been received.

Computer not working properly or have any questions?
If you notice the laptop not functioning properly or you have any questions, please contact Aaron Montes at for troubleshooting or assistance.