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Arts and Lectures Program


The Arts and Lectures program in the University Library strives to enrich the intellectual, educational, and cultural life of the Sonoma State community. The program provides a venue for people to come together to share ideas through art, lectures, and discussions. Using a variety of locations within the Information Center, the program supports the liberal arts mission of the University. Activities are designed to explore a diversity of ideas, values, and intellectual and artistic expressions. Emphasis is placed on exposure to library collections, research interests of SSU faculty, staff, and students, and regional issues including the support of local cultural initiatives and curriculum.

University Library Art Gallery

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The University Library Art Gallery displays works of art by students, professional artists, selections from the University Library's unique collections, and material from traveling exhibitions. The University Library Art Gallery works closely with the University Art Gallery to ensure exhibits demonstrate and maintain the aesthetic standards and professional quality characteristic of a university setting. The University Library Art Gallery is located on the second floor of the Information Center.

The University Library Art Gallery schedules exhibits throughout the year, with a minimum length of 4 weeks. Exhibition proposals are reviewed twice a year by the University Library Gallery Committee.

University Library Display Cases

Display cases are used to promote campus events, campus discussions, and library collections. Display cases may also be used to promote community cultural events. Display case exhibits are in place for at least four weeks, and run on average for eight weeks. Display proposals are reviewed on an on-going basis. Display cases in the library are located in clusters throughout the building. If you'd like to submit a proposal for a display case, please view our Policies and Guidelines.

University Library Lectures

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Schulz 3001 is reserved to provide a gathering place for people to come together to listen, learn, and discuss. Lectures and readings organized by the University Library Arts & Lectures Committee include presentations of faculty research, author readings, and other events of interest. On occasion, the room is available for use by campus and community groups.

Wall Art

On occasion, the library displays art on the walls in the public areas. However, the walls are not scheduled on a regular basis. Proposals should be addressed to the Library Gallery Committee and expressly state the intended locations.