Student Newspaper Index

Over the years, the Sonoma State University's student newspaper has taken many names, seen countless editors and writers, but has always chronicled the important issues and events of the University. The University Archives has indexed the student newspapers. Search here to find articles by titles, subject, or author from any of the iterations of the student newspaper.

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Title Author Date Published Page Photo Subject Decade Title of Publication
Professors honored with Goldstein award Richmeier, Micaelyn 01/28/2013 1,5 Yes Ford, Ben, Gilinsky, Armand, Bernie and Estelle Goldstein Award for Excellence in Scholarship 2000 Sonoma State Star
Police chief vacancy opportunity for change McDonagh, Katie 01/28/2013 1,10 Yes Search for new Chief of Police, DiMaggio, Mark, Police Chief candidate 2010 Sonoma State Star
Ethics center receives funding Knight, Garett 01/28/2013 1,5 Yes Glasgow, Joshua, Center for Ethics, Law and Society (CELS), American International Group (AIG) funding 2010 Sonoma State Star
Music residency program announced Gray, Joseph 01/28/2013 1,4 Yes Weill Hall Artists-in-Residence program, Green Music Center 2010 Sonoma State Star
What we want from the new Chief of Police [Editorial] 01/28/2013 2 No Significance of the search for new Chief of Police, Student’s input 2010 Sonoma State Star
Investing in spectacle rather than substance? [Letters to the Editor] Olsen, Renee 01/28/2013 2 No Budget, Green Music Center, Quality of education 2010 Sonoma State Star
Bliss conveys apprehension of new SSU ethics center [Opinion] Bliss, Shepherd 01/28/2013 3 No Center for Ethics, Law, and Society, American International Group (AIG) contribution 2010 Sonoma State Star
Combat should be an issue of ability not gender [Opinion] Marziano, Katrina 01/28/2013 3 Yes U.S. Military allows women in combat 2010 Sonoma State Star
Avoid letting student loans become a financial crisis [Opinion] Hawkins, Troy M. (U-Wire Contributor) 01/28/2013 3 No Repayment of student loans, Budget strategies 2010 Sonoma State Star
With Facebook there is always more than meets the eye [Opinion] Abadi, Ponta 01/28/2013 3 No “Envy on Facebook: A Hidden Threat to Users’ Life Satisfaction?” study 2010 Sonoma State Star
Investigation of local fire continues Kalff, Ariana 01/28/2013 4 Yes Beverly Apartments fire 2010 Sonoma State Star
Governor meets with Board of Trustees Harkins, Mike 01/28/2013 4,5 No CSU Board of Trustees budget meeting, Brown, Governor Jerry 2010 Sonoma State Star
Walmart expansion plan passes, will become supercenter Bufano, Brianna 01/28/2013 5 Yes Walmart expansion , Revised Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) 2010 Sonoma State Star
World renowned cellist comes to Sonoma Gray, Natalie 01/28/2013 6 Yes Ma, Yo-Yo, World renowned cellist, Green Music Center, Weill Hall 2010 Sonoma State Star
A semester at the GMC Harkins, Shawn 01/28/2013 7 Yes Green Music Center (GMC), Spring productions 2010 Sonoma State Star
Student Spotlight: Chris Colbourn Nye, Adam 01/28/2013 7 Yes Colbourn, Chris, Theatre Arts and Dance Department 2010 Sonoma State Star
Chief student affairs officer involved all throughout Sonoma State DeLeon, Chris 01/28/2013 8 Yes Lopez-Phillips, Matthew, Chief of Student Affairs, Student conduct 2010 Sonoma State Star
Award-winning Tish Norman speaking at SSU’s sororities La Bare, Carley 01/28/2013 9 Yes Norman, Tish, Panhellenic Council, Sororities, Transforming Leaders Now, Inc. 2010 Sonoma State Star
Volunteers with JUMP discover passions by helping the community Gama, Katey 01/28/2013 9 Yes Volunteer opportunities, Join Us Making Progress (JUMP), Dozier, Jamila 2010 Sonoma State Star
President celebrates second term Martin Luther King Jr. Day Keefer, Kaitlin 01/28/2013 10 Yes Obama, President Barack, Inauguration Day 2010 Sonoma State Star