Student Newspaper Index

Over the years, the Sonoma State University's student newspaper has taken many names, seen countless editors and writers, but has always chronicled the important issues and events of the University. The University Archives has indexed the student newspapers. Search here to find articles by titles, subject, or author from any of the iterations of the student newspaper.

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Title Author Date Published Page Photo Subject Decade Title of Publication
Welcome back Seawolves [This week in photos] 01/30/2018 12 Yes Spring semester kickoff, Saturdays at Seven, Recreation Center 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sonoma County introduces plan for electric car charging stations Askew, Emily 01/31/2012 1, 5 Yes Electric car charging stations, Car charging station on campus, Creation of “green fleet” 2010 Sonoma State Star
Multicultural Center stills lacks a director Dickinson, Taylor 01/31/2012 1,4 Yes Search for Multicultural Center (MCC) director continues, Encouragement of campus diversity, Funding issues 2010 Sonoma State Star
University presidential pay now capped Gray, Natalie 01/31/2012 1, 5 Yes University presidential salaries, Carter, Board of Trustees chair Herbert, Board of Trustees to focus on budget 2010 Sonoma State Star
Campus diversity searches for a home [Editorial] 01/31/2012 2 No Multicultural Center, Diversity, Multicultural Center Director 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sonoma to continue seeing impact of budget cuts Krassovsky, Larissa 01/31/2012 4 Yes Recession and continuing budget cuts , Associated Students, Academic Affairs, Boyer, ASI President Alex 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sonoma County approves $84 million to expand county airport Tenney, Noah 01/31/2012 5 Yes Expansion of Charles M Schulz-Sonoma County Airport, Sonoma County Planning Commission 2010 Sonoma State Star
The makings of an “Oklahoma!” star Hubbard, Alex 01/31/2012 6 Yes Musical “Oklahoma!”, Alexander, Aubrie 2010 Sonoma State Star
Hosting harmonies and generating possibilities Wahl, Cassie 01/31/2012 7 Yes The California Association for Music Education, Jazz Band Festival, Bringedahl, Matt, Jones, Casey, Maria Carillo Jazz Band 2010 Sonoma State Star
Norman Ng dazzles and delights students with “Magic Experience” Swartz, Alyssa 01/31/2012 8 Yes Ng, Magician Norman performance 2010 Sonoma State Star
@SSUGirlProblems: truth behind the tweets? Bartz, Emily 01/31/2012 8 Yes Female student populations, Twitter, Social Media issues 2010 Sonoma State Star
Black History Month events aim to educate and entertain Fitch, Kelly 01/31/2012 9 Yes Black History Month events, Hill, Dr. Marc Lamont , Black Scholars United, Associated Students inc. 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sports Club MVP Maggie Ruden Thoma, Chris 01/31/2012 12 Yes Sports Club MVP, Ruden, Maggie, D’vine - women’s ultimate club team 2010 Sonoma State Star
Murder case remains unsolved, reward reaches $11,500 Cartwright, Braden 01/31/2017 1 Yes Kimberly, Kirk, Unsolved murder case 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sonoma State stands with undocumented students Heberle, Tyler 01/31/2017 1,5 Yes Dream Center, Undocumented students 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sonoma State women march against Trump Dabbas, 01/31/2017 1,4 Yes Women's march 2010 Sonoma State Star
One president, millions of opinions [Editorial] 01/31/2017 2 No President Donald Trump 2010 Sonoma State Star
Study shows rise of binge drinking in women [Opinion] Grove, Kendall 01/31/2017 3 Yes Women and binge drinking 2010 Sonoma State Star
Standardized testing outdated and inaccurate [Opinion] Daniels, Alex 01/31/2017 3 Yes Standardized test scores 2010 Sonoma State Star
Don't turn a blind eye to sexual assault [Opinion] Gatembu, Peter 01/31/2017 3 Yes Sexual assault 2010 Sonoma State Star