Student Newspaper Index

Over the years, the Sonoma State University's student newspaper has taken many names, seen countless editors and writers, but has always chronicled the important issues and events of the University. The University Archives has indexed the student newspapers. Search here to find articles by titles, subject, or author from any of the iterations of the student newspaper.

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Title Author Date Published Page Photo Subject Decade Title of Publication
SSU cheerleading ‘brings it on’ D’Ambra, Gian 01/28/2014 11 Yes Cheerleaders, School spirit 2010 Sonoma State Star
New Provost Named 01/29/1974 1 Yes Brumbaugh, Dr. Joe H., School of Arts and Sciences Provost 1970 Sonoman
New and improved carpool program 01/29/1974 3 Yes Computerized Carpool Program 1970 Sonoman
Former administrator becomes CEO of cannabis company Medi, Heba 01/30/2018 1 Yes Silver, William, CannaCraft company 2010 Sonoma State Star
Activist Ralph Nader to speak at SSU Herrmann, Casey 01/30/2018 1,4 Yes Nader, Ralph, Social Justice Lecture Series, Green Music Center 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sonoma State has unique namesake :An asteroid Miller, Brooklyn 01/30/2018 1,4 Yes Asteroid 25164 Sonoma State 2010 Sonoma State Star
Me too? Maybe not - Aziz Ansari case opens discussion for what constitutes sexual assault [Editorial] 01/30/2018 2 No Sexual misconduct, "Me Too" campaign 2010 Sonoma State Star
Fear of imminent ICE raids stirs panic in North Bay [Opinion] De La Torre, Jennifer 01/30/2018 3 No Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), Undocumented immigrants 2010 Sonoma State Star
Larry Nassar sentencing celebrated among victims [Opinion] Huffman, Lindsey 01/30/2018 3 No Nassar, Larry - sentencing, USA Gymnastics 2010 Sonoma State Star
False hate crimes minimize severity of larger issue [Opinion] Mejia, Luis 01/30/2018 3 Yes False hate crimes, Faulty reporting 2010 Sonoma State Star
Seawolves Speak! What would you like President Trump to say during his state of the Union Address? Abad, Kaytlin 01/30/2018 5 Yes State of the Union speech 2010 Sonoma State Star
Lecture series to feature Rwandan ambassador Davena, Blake 01/30/2018 5 No Rwandan Genocide, Mathilde Mukantabana Simon Mudahogora, Holocaust and Genocide lecture series 2010 Sonoma State Star
Grammy viewership declining among students Perry, Kathleen 01/30/2018 6 Yes 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Student viewship 2010 Sonoma State Star
Weighing the cost of festivals [Commentary] Rodgers, Renee 01/30/2018 7 No Music festivals 2010 Sonoma State Star
Culinary services offers job opportunity Catanzarite, Kathryn 01/30/2018 8 Yes Culinary services, Job opportunities 2010 Sonoma State Star
Housing uncertainties increase after October fires Estrada, Danielle 01/30/2018 8 No Affordable housing 2010 Sonoma State Star
Recreation center offers bike rentals for commuters Factor, Danielle 01/30/2018 8 Yes Rec Center bike rental 2010 Sonoma State Star
Sonoma State food pantry officially opens to students 01/30/2018 9 Yes Lobo's pantry 2010 Sonoma State Star
Queer student alliance returns to the HUB Priest, Kailey 01/30/2018 9 No Queer Student Alliance 2010 Sonoma State Star
2018 Season Preview Schmidt, Roland 01/30/2018 10 Yes Men's baseball, Women's softball 2010 Sonoma State Star