Student Newspaper Index

Over the years, the Sonoma State University's student newspaper has taken many names, seen countless editors and writers, but has always chronicled the important issues and events of the University. The University Archives has indexed the student newspapers. Search here to find articles by titles, subject, or author from any of the iterations of the student newspaper.

To get access to the articles you find, contact the Library's Special Collections department.

Title Author Date Published Page Photo Subject Decade Title of Publication
Political protests must be intersectional [Opinion] Hunt, Olivia 01/31/2017 3 Yes Women's March, Political protests 2010 Sonoma State Star
Grant awarded to CSU to improve water management in California Jew, Nathan 01/31/2017 4 No State Water Resources and Control Board, $2.3 million grant, Water management 2010 Sonoma State Star
"A Creative Stream" showcases alumni artwork Ferrel, Cailan 01/31/2017 6 Yes "A Creative Stream: 30 Years of Photography" art display, Chappell, Aryan, University Library Art Gallery 2010 Sonoma State Star
Another rock legend gone too soon [Commentary] Evans, Sam 01/31/2017 6 Yes Liebezeit, Jaki 2010 Sonoma State Star
Craft beer class offered at Sonoma State Schoffer, Konrad 01/31/2017 8 Yes Craft Beer Appreciation class 2010 Sonoma State Star
Student expression highlighted at The HUB Peterson, Erika 01/31/2017 8 Yes Honoring, Uniting and Building "The HUB" building 2010 Sonoma State Star
Technology wave reaches the classroom Archerda, Alyssa 01/31/2017 9 No Technology in the classroom 2010 Sonoma State Star
Pulitzer Prize director speaks at the GMC Violetti, Michelle 01/31/2017 9 Yes Vargas, Jose Antonio, "Documented" film 2010 Sonoma State Star
SSU introduces new VP of Student Affairs Madi, Heba 02 1,4 Yes Sawyer, Greg, Vice President Student Affairs 2010 Sonoma State Star
Dog Policy Enforced 02/01/1973 3 Yes Policy concerning dogs on campus, Canine Corps 1970 Sonoman
Rare Book Collection 02/01/1973 8 Yes De Bellis, Frank V., Rare book collection, Library exhibit 1970 Sonoman
Statement on Financial Aid Irregularities at California State College, Sonoma 02/01/1973 8 No Financial aid administration irregularities 1970 Sonoman
Targeted funds for graduate school available [letter to the editor] Lesch-McCaffry, Barbara 02/01/2000 2 No Lesch-McCaffry, Barbara, financial aid 2000 Sonoma State Star
Master keys stolen from dorms, residents at risk for five days Mote, Ryan 02/01/2000 1 Yes Residence Halls, security 2000 Sonoma State Star
SSU police officer charged with DUI Cortese, Vincent 02/01/2000 1 Yes Swan, Robert, Campus Police, Public Safety, DUI charges 2000 Sonoma State Star
Y2K is Y2Much hype Cortese, Vincent 02/01/2000 2 No technology 2000 Sonoma State Star
What’s in a name Christmann, Jim 02/01/2000 2 No Christmann, Jim, Mascot 2000 Sonoma State Star
More beer = less worry Quarles, George R 02/01/2000 3 No Safety, Alcohol 2000 Sonoma State Star
Parachute Philosophy Lewis, Sascha 02/01/2000 3 Yes Entertainment, sports & recreation 2000 Sonoma State Star
Bacteriological water quality failure 02/01/2000 3 No environment, Public Safety, Drinking water 2000 Sonoma State Star