Benjamin Heaney

man kneeling in front of waterfall.

What is your favorite book, eBook, DVD, or music score?

The selected material that I would love to share is my favorite music score, the Mechanicus official soundtrack from the Warhammer 40k game Mechanicus, owned by Games Workshop. 

Why did you choose this item to share with the library?

I wanted to share this with the library because I realized how important music became to me going through college, helping me study, relax, get motivated to work out, and overall appreciate my senses more.

This soundtrack to me not only helped me study for my most important exams, and was a joy to listen to, but also got me started into other game soundtracks.  It is the perfect blend of electronic and church music into a grimdark masterpiece.

What is your major?

My major is anthropology with a minor in music.  When I started here at SSU in 2018 I was initially a music major, though, through many different circumstances, I switched to anthropology in my sophomore year.

What was the most memorable/useful thing about working in the library?

My most memorable moments working at the library were just talking and interacting with my coworkers.  It is fascinating to hear about everyone’s experiences growing up and going to college, and I just enjoy learning about people and their views of the world.

What advice would you give to incoming SSU (e.g., freshman) students?

My advice for incoming SSU students to keep in mind is that life will inevitably end for you, and this is the reality for every person you meet.  You need to live in accordance with your own values and morals; have compassion and consideration for your fellow human being, and live your life as you wish to live it.

What is next for you?

In graduating from SSU I will continue part of my anthropology schooling at Foothill College near San Jose in order to get my Cultural Resource Management certification, and in that time begin working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.