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Fall 2022

Your Subject Librarian

Your subject librarian is your contact for information about library resources, information and research literacy instruction for your class, and support for your own research. Due to the departure of three of our librarians this summer, your liaison may have changed.

  • Laura Krier is now librarian for the School of Arts and Humanities and is Collection Development Librarian.
  • Rita Premo continues her position as librarian for the School of Science and Technology and as Scholarly Communications Librarian.
  • Hilary Smith is the librarian for the School of Social Sciences and is now Special Collections Librarian.
  • Kaitlin Springmier continues as librarian for the School of Business and Economics and interim librarian for the School of Education, and continues as Instruction and Learning Assessment Librarian.

We are also pleased to welcome back Amy Catania as a lecturer Research and Instruction Librarian, who will be working across all areas to support instruction, research help, and outreach and library events.

New Resources to Support DEI Research and Teaching

The CSU Systemwide Digital Library Content group negotiated access to six new resource databases with a focus on BIPOC histories and communities.

  • American Indian Histories and Cultures and American Indian Newspapers provide access to primary source historical materials from indigenous communities in the Americas.
  • Historical Newspapers: Los Angeles Sentinel provides full-text access to the archives of an African-American owned and operated newspaper published since 1933.
  • Race Relations in America provides access to the archives of the Race Relations Department of Fisk University, documenting three pivotal decades in the fight for civil rights.
  • Ethnic Diversity Source provides access to research covering the culture, traditions, and lived experiences of differing ethnic groups in the US.
  • Fuente Academica Plus provides scholarly resources from journals published in Latin America, Portugal, and Spain.

These resources are provided at no additional cost to the library. Contact your subject librarian for more information.

Films on Demand: World Cinema Collection

Films on Demand, World  Cinema.

With the Films on Demand: World Cinema Collection, you and your students have access to over 1,000 films from across the globe, including the best of the silent era, groundbreaking international directors, masterpieces from the mid-20th century, and contemporary films.

Highlights include films by Satyajit Ray, Luis Bunuel, Fritz Lang, Jean Renoir, Zhang Yimou, and many more. New content is being added continuously. Check the A-Z list for access or ask your subject librarian for a title list.

Library Instruction in Canvas

Canvas webpage with 4 library modules.

If you want to add research and information literacy instruction modules to your Canvas class, look no further than the Library Instruction Toolbox in the Canvas Commons. The toolbox includes modules, activities, and assignments you can use as-is or adapt for your course. These modules give students opportunities to practice and demonstrate their research skills. Your liaison librarian can also collaborate with you to create a research guide especially designed for your class. Research Guides might include links to useful library resources, worksheets and activities, citation information, and anything else you think would help your students complete their research assignments.

Make Your Research More Widely Available

Thanks to recently signed agreements with Elsevier and the American Chemical Society, you can make your research openly accessible to all readers, with article processing charges paid by the CSU. When you submit your article to a journal published by Elsevier or ACS, you should automatically see whether the Open Access option is available; just check the box to make your work more accessible and comply with public research mandates! Contact Scholarly Communications Librarian Rita Premo for more information.

Another option for ensuring that your work is accessible is deposit in ScholarWorks, the CSU’s institutional repository. Contributing your research output for preservation in ScholarWorks helps ensure its permanent accessibility. The library handles all copyright investigation and technical work. Send us your CV today!

Street Refuge: Works by Donna Larsen

Metta Boat on Thompson, printed on paper,
replica of street installation, September 2021.

If you missed the spring exhibit of Donna Larsen’s Street Refuge, never fear: the exhibit has been extended and will be running through Thanksgiving 2022. Donna Larsen is an educator and street artist whose work aims to provoke a feeling of refuge among viewers as they encounter moments of exquisite beauty in her public installations. These street-turned-studio reproductions offer insight into the way that Larsen’s work engages in ongoing conversation with the transformative urban environment and develops new meanings as an emergent or fading layer on city walls. The exhibit is on display in the University Library gallery, on the 2nd floor of the library..