University Library Gallery Program


The Sonoma State University Library Gallery program enriches the intellectual, educational, and cultural life of the Sonoma State community through exhibits by student and alumnae artists, regional artists, traveling exhibitions, and selections from the University Library’s unique collections. Exhibits are intended to align with the SSU mission and curriculum and inspire discussion and debate beyond the gallery walls.

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Spaces in the Library

University Library Art Gallery

2 well lighted walls, with black and white photographs. The University Library Gallery displays two- and three-dimensional works by students, professional artists, selections from the University Library's unique collections, and material from traveling exhibitions. The University Library Gallery is located on the second floor of the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center.

Additional Exhibition Space

2 corners of a wall with 4 large posters on each wall. On occasion, the Library displays art and University materials on other walls in public areas.

SSU Library Exhibit Dispute Procedures

The Sonoma State University Library aspires to present a broad spectrum of opinions and viewpoints in its curation of Gallery exhibits as well as collections. The Library aligns with the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights and the interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights as it applies to exhibit spaces and bulletin boards, specifically:

The library should not censor or remove an exhibit because some members of the community may disagree with its content. Those who object to the content of any exhibit held at the Library should be able to submit their complaint and/or their own exhibit proposal to be judged according to the policies established by the library.

Challenges to a display, exhibit, or printed materials posted or displayed in the Library’s gallery spaces may be sent in writing to the chair of the Library Art Committee. The Library will respond to written statements as follows:

  • The individual will be notified that the Library has received their written statement of concern.
  • A review process will be conducted in a timely manner by the Library Art Committee and Library Administration in response to an individual's statement of concern.
  • The review process will subscribe to standards as defined in the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights.
  • While a concern is being considered, there will be no change in the status of the display, exhibit, or printed materials.
  • Upon completion of the review process, the appropriate administrator will notify the individual of the Library's decision.
  • The individual may appeal the decision to the University Library Dean.