Library Use Policies

Thank you for helping us to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all Sonoma State students, faculty, and staff. The following guidelines are intended to help you make use of the Library in a respectful and collegial way. 

Library Privacy Policy

Upholding the privacy rights of library users is an important tenet of the library profession. Library staff will not give out any confidential information regarding library users. Library staff do not monitor patron access to or selection of information or engage in the use of personally identifiable information for profiling purposes. Likewise, patron information queries and knowledge of patron borrowing habits or interests are used for the sole purpose of providing service. The Library's circulation records and other records identifying the name of library users and other personal information are confidential. Library staff and faculty acting within the scope of their library duties will have access to this personal information. Patrons will have access to their own library records. Use of personally identifiable information is only done in the interest of providing or improving service to patrons and it is securely kept for the shortest amount of time possible. This information is not provided to third parties unless under a court order.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to the Dean of the Library or to their designee.

Review our full Library Privacy Policy.


We strive to provide a supportive environment and expect our patrons to conduct themselves in a way that enables everyone to accomplish their work in a safe and pleasant environment. We will take appropriate action when a patron's behavior causes a disruption.

When in the Library please do not

  • Damage or remove Library materials and property.
  • Disturb or harass other patrons or staff in the Library.
  • Leave children unattended anywhere in the Library. We do not have custodial responsibility and cannot assume liability for unattended children. If a child is found unattended, we will attempt to locate the child's guardian, and may notify law enforcement officials.
  • Yell, run, throw objects, misuse the Library facilities, or in any other way cause a disturbance.
  • Sell or solicit in the Library or on the grounds.
  • Enter areas marked "staff only."
  • Bring pets (except service animals) into the building or leave them unattended on Library grounds.
  • Come into the Library without being fully clothed, including shirt and footwear.
  • Monopolize equipment, study rooms, staff, or other Library resources.

Failure to comply may result in loss of Library privileges or removal from the building. If your Library privileges have been revoked you may appeal the decision by submitting your appeal in writing to the Library Dean.

View our full Standards of Behavior Policy.

Cell Phone Policy

Feel free to use your cell phone in non-quiet study areas of the library (the first and second floors). Please be respectful of other patrons while using your cell phone.

Computer Use

We make computing resources available to members of the University community, including students enrolled at Technology High School. The use of these resources is intended to aid in the completion of academic requirements and to promote scholarship and academic research. Users of computing resources are urged to review and understand the contents of this policy. In addition to the use standards listed below, the California State University's CalREN Acceptable Use Policy governs all internet use on campus.

Priority for the use of computing resources in the Library is in providing access to information resources that support the learning, scholarship, and research of students and faculty. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.

Recreational or non-academic use by individuals unaffiliated with SSU or the CSU system is prohibited.

The Library reserves the right to monitor and check computers for inappropriate use.

When using the Library computer resources please do not

  • Monopolize computer resources (for example, use more than one computer at a time or spend an inordinate amount of time on a computer).
  • Install software unless specifically approved by Library staff.
  • Attempt to bypass system restrictions or tamper with system files or applications.
  • Attempt to disrupt the integrity of the computer or network.
  • Violate federal or state laws or University regulations and policies.
  • Waste or overload computer resources.
  • Damage or deface any computer hardware or software.
  • Violate copyright or other laws.
  • Use accounts other than your own to access computing resources.

By using the Library's electronic resources, you agree to assume personal responsibility for their appropriate use.

Use of the Library's computers is a privilege. The Library reserves the right to deny access to patrons who have not complied with this computer Use Policy.

View our full Computer Use Policy.

Quiet Study

The third floor is quiet study space. If you feel that someone is not respecting the quiet study policy, you may remind them. If you're not comfortable doing so, please report the noisy studiers to a service desk. Be sure to give us a specific location and descriptive information about the person or people involved.

The first and second floors are open for individual and group study.

Food and Drink

  • Due to the current mask mandate, no food or eating is allowed inside the building. Eating is permitted on the third floor outdoor terrace or other seating areas outside the library.
  • Beverages are permitted, but masks must be immediately replaced over the nose and mouth in between sips.
  • Use sturdy, spill-proof containers for drinks. Please clean up any spills and throw your trash away, preferably in outside bins. A spill kit is available at each public service desk.
  • If you see a mess in the library, please report it to a service desk right away.
  • Eating and drinking are never allowed in Special Collections.
  • Do not have food delivered to the library. Please arrange to have any food delivery service meet you outside of the building.

Social Media Guidelines 

Why Use Social Media

  • Support the University and Library mission statements.
  • Promote the services, collections, and resources that the Library provides.
  • Feature Library events.
  • Promote research tips and tools.
  • Engage, inform, and entertain followers: students, staff, faculty, alumnae, and the community. 
  • Provide followers a voice.


  • The Library does not collect or use personal information on our social media accounts other than to communicate with the users on that site.
  • The Library reserves the right to delete any posts or comments. Reasons can include, but are not limited to personal attacks, insults, or threatening language, commercialized promotions, off-topic comments, or copyrighted material.
  • The Library is not responsible for comments posted by others on our social media presence.
  • These guidelines only cover the official library social media sites and not the personal accounts of faculty and staff.