Sophie Carbon

Woman looking straight ahead, she has dark hair and wearing glasses.

Why did you choose this item to share with the library?

My favorite book is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.   I chose this item because after reading it, it helped motivate me to get a minor in Art History, and those ended up being some of my all-time favorite classes at SSU!

What is your major?

My major is in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Art History

What was the most memorable/useful thing about working in the library?

One of the most memorable moments as well as one of the most useful tasks was working on Special Collections. While they were difficult, I loved working on a lot of the video transcription and learning about the local history of Sonoma County. 

What advice would you give to incoming SSU (e.g., freshman) students?

For incoming freshman students, I would say really enjoy your time here, probably one of the best school-related jobs you will have, no matter the department you are working in. The library puts your time as a student first and actively wants you and will help you succeed academically in any way they can.

What is next for you?

I will be focusing on getting my Masters in Library and Information Sciences from SJSU in the Spring of 2023.