Gift Policy

Policy Statement

While we greatly appreciate the generosity of people wishing to donate materials to the University Library, we have a limited ability to accept unsolicited gifts of books, periodicals, films, manuscripts, and other materials. The Library is therefore unable to accept all offered gift materials

On occasion exceptions may be made if the potential donation strongly supports the University curriculum, enhances the Library's mission, and augments the Library's collections in needed ways.


Inquiries from potential donors are directed to the Collection Development Librarian who, in consultation with appropriate parties and in accordance with the collection development policy, will determine whether the materials are of interest to the Library.

Proposed gifts of archival-type materials such as photographs, personal papers, manuscripts, or like materials requiring special handling or processing are subject to an in-depth review in order to identify cost, processing, storage, and preservation issues. Donors are requested to complete the Materials Donation Review Form to help us determine the best fit and identify the associated outlays.

Inquiries concerning other kinds of donations, such as monetary contributions, endowment funding, bequests, and gifts of equipment are to be directed to University Library Administration.


Gifts will be accepted in conformity with the current Internal Revenue Services and University regulations.

The Library reserves the right to refuse any potential gift and is not obliged to return unsolicited materials.

Upon receipt, gifts become the property of the University. Gifts are presumed to be given without condition; any conditions placed upon an offered gift must be negotiated before delivery.

The Library reserves the right to make retention decisions, to dispose of unwanted items, and to set processing priorities after receiving the gifts.

Delivery of gifts should be made only with prior arrangement.

When gifts are determined to be unsuitable for inclusion in the collection they may be offered for sale or donated to another library, state facility, or charitable organization, or discarded. Proceeds from the sale of books directly benefit the Library.


Donors receive a receipt at the time of the donation which confirms the quantity and nature of the gift but is not an inventory and does not place a value on the gift for tax or other purposes.

Donor files will be maintained and gifts will be reported to the University Development Office as appropriate. Donors are requested to provide their name and contact information on the receipt.


The University Library is unable to provide a valuation of gifts. By law, appraisals or estimates determined by the beneficiary of a donation cannot be used to substantiate the value for personal income reporting purposes. Appraisals, if desired, must be conducted by a third party prior to the delivery of the gift. If, in one calendar year, combined gifts of any one type (such as books) total $5,000 or more, they are subject to special IRS requirements and must be accompanied by a qualified appraisal at the time of delivery.

For further information

Library Administration:
Karen Schneider, Dean

Collection Development Librarian:
Laura Krier

This policy was approved by the Library Faculty June 2014.