Wine Industry Oral Histories

Selected oral histories available in Special Collections, Sonoma State University Library. For a complete list, search the Library Catalog as follows: oral and wine*

Title Author Year SSU Call Number
Revitalizing the California Wine Industry Adams 1974 TP547.A53 A55
California Wine Industry Affairs: Recollections and Opinions Adams 1990 TP547.A53 A5
The University of California and the State's Wine Industry Amerine 1972 TP547.A56 A5
Wine Bibliographies and Taste Perception Studies Amerine 1988 TP547.A56 A55
Sonoma County Winemaking: Chateau St. Jean and Arrowood Vineyards & Winery Arrowood 1996 TP547.A77 A5
Wine Making in So. California and Recollections of Fruit Industries Inc Biane 1972 TP547.B53 A5
Vineyard development and the William Hill Winery, 1970s-1990s Bonetti 1998 TP547.H55 A5 1998
Viticulture and Enology at Freemark Abbey Carpy 1994 TP547.C37 A5
The Cella Family in the California Wine Industry Cella 1986 TP547.C45 A5
Recollections of a Career with the Gallo Winery and the Development of the Calif. Wine Industry 1942-1989 Crawford 1990 TP547.C73 A5
The California Wine Industry During the Depression Critchfield 1972 TP547.C75 A5
A Half Century of Food and Wine Technology Cruess 1967 TP547.C78 A5
Rebuilding Schramsberg: The Creation of a California Champagne House Davies 1990 TP547.D38 A5
Almaden is My Life Dieppe 1985 TP547.D5 A5
History and Philosophy of Winemaking at Ridge Vineyards: 1970's-1990's Draper 1994 TP547.D73 A5
Mostly Merlot: The History of Duckhorn Vineyards Duckhorn 1996 TP547.D83 A5
Making California Port Wine: Ficklin Vineyards from 1948-1992 Ficklin 1992 TP547.F53 A5
Firestone Vineyard: A Santa Ynez Valley Pioneer Firestone 1996 TP547.F57 A5
A Century of Winegrowing in Sonoma County, 1896-1996 Foppiano 1996 TP547.F67 A5
Marketing California Wine and Brandy. Fromm 1984 TP547.F76 A5
Analytical Perspectives on the California Wine Industry, 1935-1990 Gomberg 1990 TP547.G66 A5
A Croatian-American Winemaker in the Napa Valley Grgich 1992 TP547.G74 A5
Creating a Winery in the Napa Valley. Heitz 1986 TP547.H42 A5
Vineyard development and the William Hill Winery,1970s-1990s Hill 1998 TP547.H55 A5 1998
A World View of the Wine Industry Huneeus 1996 TP547.H85 A5
Technologist Views the California Wine Industry Joslyn 1974 TP547.J6 A5
Career in California Viticulture Kasimatis 1988 TP547.K37 A5
Paul Masson Winery Operations and Management, 1944-1988 Katz 1990 TP547.K38 A5
Beaulieu Vineyards from Family to Corporate Ownership Knowles 1990 TP547.K56 A5
California Grape Products and Other Wine Enterprises Lanza 1971 TP547.L36 A5
The Past is the Beginning of the Future: Simi Winery in its Second Century Long 1992 TP547.L66 A5
California Winery Management and Marketing. Maher 1992 TP547.M34 A5
Wine Making in the Napa Valley Martini 1973 TP547.M32 A5
A Family Winery and the California Wine Industry Martini 1984 TP547.M33 A5
Stony Hill Vineyards: The Creation of a Napa Valley Estate Winery McCrea 1990 TP547.M43 A5
California Premium Wines and Brandies Meyer 1973 TP547.M48 A5
The Evolution of a Santa Clara Valley Winery Mirassou 1986 TP547.M5 A5
Advances in Technology and Production at Charles Krug Winery, 1946-1988 Mondavi, P. 1990 TP547.M655 A5
Creativity in the California Wine Industry Mondavi, R. 1985 TP547.M66 A5
Management and Marketing at Beringer Vineyards and Wine World, Inc. Moone 1990 TP547.M6 A5
Making Wine in California, 1944-1987 Nightingale 1988 TP547.N5 A5
Plant Genetics and New Grape Varieties Olmo 1976 TP547.O6 A5
Researches of an Enologist, University of California Davis, 1950-1990 Ough 1990 TP547.O84 A5
Six Decades of Making Wine in Mendocino County, California Parducci 1992 TP547.P37 A5
A Life in Wine Making Perelli-Minetti 1975 TP547.P45 A5
The Petri Family in the Wine Industry Petri 1971 TP547.P48 A5
The Law and the California Wine Industry Peyser 1974 TP547.P49 A5
Joseph Phelps Vineyards: Classic Wines and Rhone Varietals Phelps 1996 TP547.P54 A5
The Fresno Area and the California Wine Industry Powers 1974 TP547.P6 A5
Victor Repetto, a Career in the Wine Industry in New York and California/Sydney J. Block, Selling California Wines in New Orleans Repetto/Block 1976 TP547.R47 A5
Italian Swiss Colony and the Wine Industry. Rossi 1971 TP547.R66 A5
Italian Swiss Colony, 1949-1989: Recollections of a Third Generation California Winemaker Rossi 1990 TP547.R662 A5
A. Setrakian, a Leader of the San Joaquin Valley Grape Industry Setrakian 1977 TP547.S4 A5
California Wine and Brandy Maker Skofis 1988 TP547.S55 A5
Fume Blanc and Meritage Wines in Sonoma County: Dry Creek Vineyard's Pioneer Winemaking Stare 1996 TP547.S73 A5
Rodney Strong Vineyards: Creative Winemaking and Winery Management in Sonoma County Strong 1994 TP547.S76 A5
Grapes, Wine, and Ecology Tchelistcheff 1983 TP547.T3 A5
The Christian Brothers as Winemakers Timothy 1974 TP547.T5 A5
Trefethen vineyards, 1968-1998 Trefethen 1998 TP547.T74 A5 1998
California Zinfandels; A Success Story Trinchero 1992 TP547.T75 A5
Caymus Vineyards: A Father-Son Team Producing Distinctive Wines Wagner 1994 TP547.W34 A5
Wine Making in the Livermore Valley Wente 1971 TP547.W46 A5
The Wente Family and the California Wine Industry Wente 1992 TP547.W47 A5
Creating Classic Wines in the Napa Valley Winiarski 1994 TP547.W56 A5
Viticultural Research at UC Davis, 1921-1971 Winkler 1973 TP547.W57 A5
Founding Clos du Bois winery : a marketing approach Woods 1998 TP547.W66 A5 1998
Domaine Chandon: The First French-Owned California Sparkling Wine Cellar (incl. interview with Edmond Maudiere) Wright 1992 TP547.W75 A5