Exhibition Criteria and Proposals

The University Library schedules exhibits throughout the year in the University Library Gallery and other locations throughout the Library. The University Library Art Committee solicits and reviews exhibit proposals and makes recommendations to the Dean of the Library. The Library typically hosts exhibits in the Art Gallery and 2North for the duration of the semester, with the exception of the student exhibit at the end of the spring semester. The Art Committee selects exhibits based on the criteria listed below and recommends the best gallery space or location for exhibits based on media, theme, and availability

Benefits of Exhibiting in the Sonoma State University Library

  • The Library gallery spaces are open to the public whenever the Library is open. (See Library hours).The Library has a half-million visitors every year.
  • The Library does not charge for use of its gallery spaces, and in some cases the Library may be able to provide installation support.
  • The Library gallery spaces are well-maintained, and are freshly painted before each exhibit.
  • The Library has vitrines, pedestals, and other tools for exhibiting three-dimensional art, and provides wall lettering and a guest book for every exhibit.
  • The Library markets every exhibit across and outside campus through a variety of methods, at no cost to the artist(s).
  • The Library may elect to host an art reception for an exhibit, contingent on the recommendation of the Art Committee and the approval of the Dean of the Library.

Exhibit Criteria

Exhibits are selected based on their alignment with the

Exhibits are scheduled for the duration of the semester in order to better incorporate the works and themes into academic courses, co-curricular activities, and other University Library events.

Exhibit Proposals

Proposals for exhibits in the University Library Art Gallery and 2North are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed twice a year in the fall and spring, and additionally as needed. The Art Committee is charged with reviewing all proposals, recommending proposals to the Dean of the Library, and recommending schedules for exhibits. Exhibits are scheduled either for the duration of the fall semester or for most of the spring semester, concluding in mid-to-late April to accommodate the annual student art exhibit.

For best chances with your proposal, we recommend the following:

  • Review our criteria and the University and Library mission.
  • Submit proposals at least one year prior to the exhibition date. We are generally scheduled out 12 to 18 months.
  • Be flexible about the gallery space. Artists frequently request the main gallery, but 2North is more available and is an attractive, well-trafficked space. Our best-attended art receptions have been held in 2North, in one case with over 200 attendees.
  • Make sure your art is exhibit-ready. The Library does not have a budget for framing artwork.
  • Talk to us! We love working with artists and we will help you determine if your exhibit is right for our space.

We also welcome recommendations for exhibits from other than the artists themselves. If you would like to propose an exhibit, please contact Kaitlin Springmier.