3D Printers

3d printer, the frame is black, Lulzbot Mini text is next to the red power button.

LULZbot Mini

The Lulzbot Mini is a user friendly 3D printer that can make smaller prints. 

Frame of the machine is white, the bed is glass.

Ultimaker S3 Extended

A 3D printer used to print larger prints than the Lulzbot Mini.

White frame with glass doors on top and bottom.  The bottom section has 5 filaments rolls.

Ultimaker S5 Extended

Create 3D designs using PLA and PVA filament types. 3D print parts, game pieces, small toys, figurines, crochet hooks and more.

Cut and Carve Devices

Machien is white with glass doors,  The bed is white.

Bantam Tools PNB Milling Cutter

 A cut and carve device that specializes in metal and plastic cutting.  Create small items such as jewelry, game pieces, engravings on metals, plastics and circuit boards.

Glass on top and the sides of machine.


The Carvey uses bits to precisely cut and engrave material up to 0.9″ thick. Create coasters, jewelry, signs, plaque, frames, puzzles, toys, organizers and more.

Long rectangular machine with a transparent grey lid.


A desktop laser engraver and cutter. Create jewelry, custom wood frames, ornaments and more.

This machine has white frame, rollers in the middle are black.  A piece of black vinyl is on the bottom shelf.

US Cutter 4000

Machine that cuts both heat press vinyl and regular sticker vinyl. Make stickers, bumper stickers, stickers for water bottles or notebooks.  

Other Devices

Button maker has a black base, and a red handle.

Button Maker

Make 5.6 cm(2 1/4in) or 2.5cm(1 in) button pins.  Make button pins, badges and game pieces.

Bench with several tools on the counter and wall.

Makerspace Workbench

A workbench that supplies a variety of tools for use throughout the makerspace. 

Tool with a red base, and electric cord.

Weller WLC 100

Soldering tool used to connect two (or more) points.  Help connect circuits together on a circuit board.

Sewing Machines

White sewing machine with a display panel on the right.

brother PE-770

A specialty embroidery machine, used to automatically embroider designs with a click of a button.

White sewing machine with 2 dials on the right.

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118

Standard sewing machine with the basic stitch types.

White sewing machine with a panel on the left.

Husqvarna Viking Opal 650

Sewing machine with a large sewing surface.  LED display that will show settings needed for any stitch, including 160 stitch types.

White sewing machine with blue top and 4 white levers.

Janome FA4 Serger

An advanced Overlocker with two needles and up to four thread overlock stitching. Mainly used as a finishing hem or quickly seaming knits.

Virtual Reality and 3D Scanning

a small plastic rhinoceros is on a pedestal, a machine, with a camera attached, is to the left and above it.

3D Scanner

Scan items to be made into digital 3D objects, or as 3D models which can be 3D printed.

Black VR headset sits on top of a desktop computer.

Steam Oculus Rift S VR

VR headset that lets you experience virtual reality, and allows you to interact with most if not all objects in the virtual world.

Black headset and a blue handheld touch controller


A VR headset that lets you experience virtual reality, and allows you to interact with most if not all objects in the virtual world.