Library Instruction

Our goal is to inspire students, motivate them to see libraries and information with new eyes, and give them solid grounding to be lifelong learners. We partner with faculty to provide holistic, engaging information literacy instruction for students at all stages of their research. SSU graduates will not only be competent at researching and using information, they will be empowered by the confidence that comes from an evidence-based intellectual position. See the Library's Curriculum Philosophy, for defined goals, strategies, and successes of our curriculum.

We have self-paced online instruction on a variety of topics, as well as digital guides to disciplinary research. Customized lessons and consultations are available upon request.

Bring library instruction into your course
Self-Paced Online Trainings

We offer course content and instructional activities as well as video tutorials, to build information literacy skills and support your teaching outside of a face-to-face classroom environment.

Our Library Instruction Toolbox provides course content and activities to support students' information literacy development. In a series of short lessons and activities, students learn how to find, evaluate, and use information from library resources and the open web.

You are welcome to import, embed, or adapt content for their online courses. You can import a full module from Canvas Commons. For assistance in importing or adapting content into your source, contact your Subject Librarian.

Current information literacy instruction available in Canvas include:

Our video tutorials provide guidance on searching and finding information in library resources. By watching videos, students learn techniques to more accurately find scholarly information relevant to their topic.

You are welcome to share and embed videos directly in your Canvas course. For assistance in sharing or adapting content, contact Kaitlin Springmier, Instruction & Learning Assessment Librarian or your Subject Librarian.

Current video tutorials available include:

Research Guides

Our digital guides to research highlight research strategies as well as and the best sources for particular disciplines.

If you would like a guide created especially for your class, contact your subject librarian.

Assignment Design

Librarians can consult with you on building information literacy concepts throughout your curriculum, the design of research assignments, and recommend additional instructional materials.

Please contact Kaitlin Springmier, Instruction & Learning Assessment Librarian, or your subject librarianfor more information.

Request an Instruction Session

While we may not be able to partner together in a physical classroom, library faculty are still here to support information literacy instruction online.

Some different scenarios of what information literacy instruction could look like for your class include:

  • A video tailored to your course with follow-up quiz questions
  • Readings, handouts, and online activities in Canvas
  • A librarian designed assignment
  • A librarian hosted discussion forum in Canvas or Zoom

To discuss how library instruction can work in your course, contact Kaitlin Springmier or your subject librarian.

Online instructional materials, just like in-person class sessions, take time to plan and create. Please schedule your library instruction with at least two weeks advance notice so that we can accommodate your request.

Additional Resources for Faculty

Program Reports & Assessment

Our program reports and assessments are available on Reports and Plans. For additional resources or statistics, contact Kaitlin Springmier, Instruction & Learning Assessment Librarian.