Printing from the Print Release Stations

$.10/page B/W, $1.00/page color

Send your print job

  1. Select the printer.
    • Color prints are picked up in the Information Commons on the first floor.  
    • Second Floor South Area accepts WolfBucks Printing only
      Macintosh Printer Selection
      Macintosh Printer Selection with black and white selected.
      Windows Printer Selection
      Screenshot of PC printer selection.  Ots has print Total: 2 sheets of paper.  Printer and Copies
  2. Add print Job title. Use your last name as part of the title.  Example: History Research - Smith
    Macintosh - Add name and print job
    Mac Print Job Description
    Windows - Add name and print job
    PC - print job description
  3. A print notification will appear showing the number of pages, the cost to print them, and the location of the Print Release Station where the document(s) can be picked up.
    Macintosh - Print Notification Screen
    Windows - Print Notification Screen
    Bottom right corner
    Message about oyur print job. Pront JOb Tst (0 Color pages, 1 Black and White pages) will cost $.10 to print

Print using Wolfbucks

  1.  Swipe your SSU ID card.
    A monitor, keyboard, mouse and card reader
  2. Select the print jobs you would like to release.
  3. Click Print to send the selected jobs to the printer.
  4. Click the Log Off & Receive Change button.

Print using cash or coins

  1. Only the First Floor Information Commons printers accept cash or coins. 
  2. The Print Release Station displays a list of all print jobs. Select the print jobs you would like to release. The Print Release Station will indicate how much it will cost to print your document(s).
    • Insert money into the cash machine next to the Print Release Station
    • Nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills can be used. The machines will give change.
  3. Click Print to send the selected jobs to the printer.
  4. Click on Log Off & Receive Change button.

Note: If you have jobs you do not wish to print, they will eventually be automatically purged from the system after three hours.