Scanning Instructions

Scanner and monitor

  1. Tap on the screen or click the mouse to wake it up.
  2. Click the Touch here to begin.
    Touch here to begin
  3. Select a destination
    Select a Destination
    • Google Drive (will require authentication) 
    • Gmail or SSU email address(es) 
    • USB drive 
    • Mobile Device
  4. Select Scan Settings
    Scan Settings
    1. Scan options, Color, Quality, Save File type 
    2. Click Next
  5. Place the item in the scanning bed and click Scan.
  6. Crop, zoom or edit the scan as needed.
  7. Click Scan to scan other pages. Click Delete to remove the scan.
  8. Click on Deliver when done with scanning.
  9. Depending on selected destination:
    1. Google DriveTransfer to Google Drive
      1. Select destination on Google Drive
      2. Under Filename name the file
      3. Click Transfer
    2. Gmail or SSU email address(es)Transfer to Gmail
      1. Enter Address(es), Subject, Message
      2. Click Send
    3. USB
      1. Select destination on USB
      2. Under Filename name the file
      3. Click Transfer and remove USB Drive
    4. Mobile DeviceQR Code
      1. Scan QR code using QR code application on smartphone
      2. QR code will remain on screen for 2 minutes. Scanned Content is removed after 1 day
  10. Check the scanner bed for leftover items and select exit to end session.

Scanner Locations

  • 1st Floor North (near Print Station)
  • 2nd Floor DVD Central (across from the Information/Circulation Desk)
  • 2nd Floor South (near Print Station)
  • 3rd Floor North (near Stacks)