Using Special Collections

Using Special Collections

You can find information about Special Collections in the Library Catalog. These collections are a public resource, available to campus and community researchers. Locations shown as Special Collections, Gaye LeBaron Room, Waring Jones Room, or Regional Archives indicate an appointment is needed. Regional Collection items are on the open shelves. To view many special items online, visit North Bay Digital Collections. For an A-Z list of all collections, visit Our Collections.

Before your appointment:

  • Describe your specific research goal and time frame.

  • Identify material you wish to view. If requesting items from the LeBaron Collection, check the LeBaron Topics. If requesting items from the SSU Star, check the Student Newspaper Index.

  • Supply both your email address and phone number when you make an appointment.

At your appointment:

  • Bring your SSU ID or other form of identification.

  • Visit for up to one hour.

Accessing the Collection

Who is eligible to use the collection?

The collection is a public resource, available to campus and community researchers.

Are there restrictions to viewing the collection?

No, but when scheduling an appointment, users will be asked to name the folders they wish to view. Researchers may request access to three (3) file folders, pre-selected from the specific collection's inventories, available to browse here, per appointment.