Rights and Reproductions

Under certain conditions, Sonoma State University (SSU) Library will arrange for the reproduction of special collections materials. An Application to Reproduce and Use/Publish Library Materials form must be completed and signed at the time a request is placed and before copies are made. In so signing, the applicant indicates a full understanding of, and agreement with, the conditions outlined below.

Reproduction requests are reviewed by SSU Library personnel and may be refused where reproduction may cause injury to the item or where donor restrictions, privacy laws, or copyright laws present restrictions.

Reproduction for patrons is presumed to be in lieu of note taking and to be used for private study, scholarship, or research. All other uses, including publication and distribution in any form or medium (whole or in part), require consultation with and approval by authorized SSU Library personnel. Special fees may apply.

The law states that publication of reproductions is contingent upon identification of, and agreement with, the copyright holder or his/her heirs. Meeting this contingency is the responsibility of the applicant. Use without permission may constitute copyright infringement. In most cases, the SSU Library is not the rights holder so the appropriate party must be consulted.

Once granted, permission to reproduce is for one-time use only and is solely for the expressed purpose described in the Application. Further duplication, reuse, resale, or placement with another party is not allowed. The SSU Library reserves the right to require the return of copies when a user is finished with them and the right to require a watermark on a scanned file.

In authorizing publication of material for which SSU holds the copyright, the SSU Library does not transfer copyright to the publisher or surrender its own right to publish. The SSU Library may grant (or not) other applicants permission to publish the same material. Use is granted for up to three years.

Many news items from The Press Democrat are found within the LeBaron Collection file folders.   Reproduction for intent other than "fair use" requires permission from The Press Democrat.   To reproduce and use print or electronic versions of items published in The Press Democrat, adherence to the newspaper's terms is required. Copyright law also pertains to digital versions of all items within The Gaye LeBaron Collection. To contact The Press Democrat, go to http://www.pressdemocrat.com/about.

Proper credit must always be given in cases of publication, exhibition, or media presentation. Credit should appear in close proximity to the image or text. The correct form for credit is: "Courtesy, Sonoma State University Library". Where SSU does not own the copyright, the caption should refer to the rights holder and may supplant the SSU credit line, if appropriate. The SSU Library reserves the right to examine proofs and captions prior to publication with the right to revise, if necessary. Payment for uses does not exempt user from the credit line.

At least one copy of any publication using reproductions from SSU Library materials must be donated to the SSU Library. This includes books, brochures, advertising materials, periodical issues, exhibition catalogues, broadcasts, and other media productions.

Unless authorized in writing by the SSU Library and noted in the credit line, no image can be altered or cropped in a way that significantly changes its meaning or context, or compromises its authenticity as an historical document.

The SSU Library reserves the right to change these policies without prior notice.

Primary source materials from Special Collections greatly enrich academic research projects with thought-provoking content and offer opportunities to interpret history in a new light. Items include manuscripts, diaries, letters, photographs, newspapers, books and digital exhibits. 

Application to Use and Reproduce Special Collections Materials